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25-07-2009, 14:49
I was wondering how good these guys actually perform in game. Id really like to get some opinions before throwing down the near $20 a pop for Kroxigors.

For 30 points less than a 18 man Saurus unit with Mus and SB We get 16 Skinks and 2 Kroxigor with Mus and SB. Does the extra 2" move and stronger attacks from the Kroxigor make up for the better AS and attacks from the Saurus unit?

Also does not being able to use the turn maneuver that big of a deal?

25-07-2009, 23:35
I have great luck with them. I use 2 20 skink/2 krox units in my competitive list. They have a couple nice points:
1. Extra movement- gets you across the board a turn faster. Against some armies, that's huge.
2. Good for stegs- characters on stegs really work well with them. Joining one to the unit will make it stubborn, cause terror, and add an extra 10 US. They also add impact hits. GREAT hammer unit. Since they both have the same movement rate, it makes for great synergy.
3. Shooting. The entire unit (minus kroxs) has poisoned throwing weapons. No giant wants to charge them. The shooting gives them something to do when they can't charge

It is a pain sometimes not to be able to turn. They are fast enough that they can wheel in most situations, but if you are charged in the flank, you're in real trouble. Again, being fast helps here. To mitigate this problem, if you decide to put a steg in the unit, put it on the flank that is most likely to be charged. Not only does it make the unit charging unit take terror/fear checks to charge (even chaos knights and ogres), not much can hurt it in combat.

Desert Rain
26-07-2009, 12:43
I think that they are great, I've used them in every game since the new book and they have been doing really well. You have lots of CR even before the fights start and the krox's high strengh attacks are golden. They are very fast so you can easily get them to where they are needed. And as long as the kroxigors are alive they are imune to fear and the enemy has to take a fear test against them. Overall I would never leave home without them - ever.

26-07-2009, 13:12
I've found a smaller version with eleven skinks, command and a single kroxigor to be very useful in support of saurus warriors, with their high movement makes up for the inability to turn, but I feel you're taking the wrong approach in comparing them directly to saurus. They don't do the same thing, and saurus are, quite simply, tougher and stronger in a pure fighting role, as I also know from using spear-armed saurus. Rather, they have a few abilities which complement those of saurus very well.
The extra movement is an important part of this, and more than makes up for their inability to turn. They have a 12" charge range to deter rival support units, most of which they can comfortably beat in a fight. They can flee from a charge and still be in position to cause your enemy concern after rallying, which a kroxigor and musician allow them to do on LD8. They can close very quickly on static missile troops which admittedly can do a lot of harm to them but only at the cost of not shooting something else, and again, pose a serious threat to such units in melee. Perhaps best of all, this is still a very cheap, and therefore expendable, unit-it matters little if they fail to have a major impact on the battle, or even get themselves obliterated off-hand, and should the battlefield situation call for a sacrifice they do that quite satisfactorily.

26-07-2009, 16:52
I must say I only ever looked at them as a 16/2 man unit, but a 11/1 as you say almost sounds more useful for my purposes. I think I'll proxy in a troll in my next few games and try them out. At the low point cost per unit 2 blocks might even be in order.

11-08-2009, 16:33
My krox went toe to toe with a spear saurus unit for 3 turns in a game once and both units exhausted one another. IN another game they took a charge from a unit of pegasus knights and stomped them into the ground. There very very useful.
Dont overlook or forget the poisonous missile javelin shots they have that take no penalty for shooting at long range.

My Skrox have performed very very well for me too. The only thing I would like to have is the baility to wheel backward rather than just forward. When you get near opposing troops and table edges they can be hard to get back into a good position-especially if you pursued with them...

11-08-2009, 16:52
Skinkxigors are an amazing unit. I normally have a lot of luck with them.

11-08-2009, 17:41
They are not a front line combat unit. Don't expect them to run through walls or anything.

That said, they are pretty good. They are cheap, so you can use them to bait/flee. They have decent movement and if you have a Slann BSB nearby, they will usually be able to hang around till help arrives.

I have been fielding 2 units of 16/1 with std/mus and have found them to be pretty good. They can guard a flank from fast cav and other such stuff, Can be used in a combined charge with a Steggie to provide cheap static res, and with a couple other 50pt skink cohorts for baiting, they can provide some dangerous flank charges.

I think they are best used as either 11/1 with std/mus or 16/1 with std/mus. Anything more than that is really not worth it. 55pts for a 2nd krox really just adds about 1 more CR to the unit on average.

I know several people have had GREAT success fielding 2-3 units of 11/1 in conjunction with their 2-3 units of 18 spear saurus. The MSU effect that the highly mobile skrox units give the army really help counter the Mv4 footsloggers traditional frailties.

11-08-2009, 18:01
One thing your oponents might forget...
The whole unit is Aquatic. :eek:

Also you can put the Skaven Pelt Banner in there
to give the whole unit frenzy. :evilgrin:

Also Don't forget about stand and shoot if they get charged. ;)