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Mad Doc Grotsnik
06-01-2006, 20:58
Right. I have had enough of this bank.

Over the past year or so, I have been trying desperately to get myself on an even keel financially.

HSBC, whom I currently bank with, have made this as difficult as humanly possible.

Eventually, I ended up taking out a loan in November to consolidate, and get it into a single interest rate and monthly payment. Though not a massive amount was borrowed, the 5 year term means I am paying back a substantial amount each and every month.

Now then. Last month, the month after I took out the loan, I went over my overdraft limit *again*. How I hear you cry? Surely that shouldn't be possible. Well, it certainly is with HSBC. Not only that, but a rogue payment of 75 left my account for a Credit Card I had already paid off. HSBC claim I made the payment. The Credit Card company claim no payment was requested. And yet, why the hell would I make a payment to something I knew to be nil balance? The CC company refunded me with a cheque (nice people) which I paid back into my bank account. Refusing any responsibility (even though I was at work when the payment happened, and have clocking in stuff to prove that) HSBC refused to return the 20 fine for going over my OD limit.

Then, this month, they REALLY took the ****. The initial Loan repayment was due out of my account on the 2nd of January. As I get paid on the 28th, this was no problem. Except, a payment of 265.58 came out of my account on the 20th of DECEMBER. And I got charged for the privelege of this knocing me even further into the Red. Then I get paid. And all is well.

Well, I say well. Thanks to their dubious business practices, once my bills were paid I had sod all money left for petrol, food and other stuff for the month.

Then, yesterday, I get a phone call. My loan payment has be rebounded by my account, incurring a 30 charge, and I have 7 days to pay up.

WHAT THE ****! I cry! Straight onto the Interweb...sure enough, they have tried to remove 265.95 that simply wasn't there, and have charged me 30 for it.

So today, calmed down considerably, I check my loan paperwork. And there it is, literally in black and white. Initial payment of 267.58 is due on January 2nd, to be paid by Direct Debit. I phone up. I point this out. Apparently, there has been an administrative error. Yet my 30 charge has not been returned, and they were being very coy about the other earlier payment I had already been charged for....

So, long story short? HSBC are a bunch of *********** cowboys. I suggest all their customers close their accounts and go to another bank that gives a toss.

Me? I'm off to Bank of Scotland/Halifax next month.

Screw me HSBC? Screw you.

06-01-2006, 21:06
Some people have really good experiences with them.......others not so much.:(

We've taken all of our business away from them.:(

06-01-2006, 21:08

Banks suck. HSBC have been ok to me. As ok as a bunch of money sucking leeches can be. They are certainly an improvement over Gnat West.

06-01-2006, 21:25
Great, that fills me with confidence, especially as I will soon be having to balance a 23k account with HSBC

Mad Doc Grotsnik
06-01-2006, 21:30
Tenoch... if you can cancel it, do!

My parents swear by Bank of Scotland (who now own Halifax) and my bro swears by Abby. It's a toss up between the two for me. All I know is that I do not trust HSBC one bit!

06-01-2006, 22:13
No can do afaik.

It's for the SU at college and its all connected horribly complicated with the college's account itself, so A LOT of paper work, and I don't think there have been any problems so far so I should be okay.

06-01-2006, 22:18
Despite all the ills of various banks, there's something brilliant about the warm glow you get when you leave a bank after having ranted loudly, publicly and at length at any member of staff who can't hide in time.

For this reason, I stay with Natwest.

06-01-2006, 22:18
With the college looking over their shoulder, you should have a better go of it. They (like most banks) are ususally good to the big guys, but not so much for the rest of us.:(

Mad Doc Grotsnik
06-01-2006, 22:31
Starlight makes a fair point. However, do watch them like a hawk. You have been warned!

06-01-2006, 22:54
I make a better heater.;)

If you have issues with the bank, bring the college into it, as they will likely get a better response.:evilgrin:

Smoking Frog
07-01-2006, 02:31
I never took business up ith HSBC here down under, for the same reasons as yours that have happened to others. I stick with ex-government banks. At least then I can yell obnoxiously (as I do) and they give in, afraid of the incoming law suit. :D

Brother Munro
07-01-2006, 09:42
If you do change banks (and I don't blame you for wanting to) you may well experience even more problems, especially with those direct debits, so be careful about them trying to screw you over even more.

07-01-2006, 09:54
So what your saying is HSBC set up a direct debit to take on the second of January every month...... If they took this early and didnt give you 10 days notice this is against the law.

Ring their customer complaints department, say you are moving banks next month and you expect all charges incurred because of their ILLEGAL taking of money early or you are taking it to the financial ombudsman.

It is actually illegal to take this money as should have been read out to you over the phone. It is a standard script all banks have to read to you.... Ive got a copy lying around. Its called the direct debit guarantee. Offered by all banks and building societys taking part in the direct cebit scheme. If the amount is to change or the date to change the bank MUST give you 10 days notice. If an error is made you are entitaled to an immediate refund from your bank or building society (this means about the card as well if that was taken incorrectly.... then the bank can recover it from the credit card firm). You can cancel the DD at any time.....

Trust me.... the LAW is on your side over this. dont lay down and take it. 50 is a lot of cash weather youve got it or not!

As for your credit card payment.... eek... well... you could persuade them but HSBC have nothing to this. If the card calls for the payment... closed or not, HSBC will honour it. Thats technically the card companys fault for not closed you direct debit mandate with them early enough.

(the joys of working at a large internet bank and getting to know all this!)

Captain Brown
08-01-2006, 05:05
I am afraid I have nothing to say in HSBC's defence, at least not from what I know of them here in Canada.

Good luck with the new bank, try talking to them first and see if they will pony up to help you pay the closing fees on your old accounts, organized that for my wife when she left her last institution and came over to mine.


Captain Brown

Mad Doc Grotsnik
08-01-2006, 12:07
Well, Abby are currently offering to take care entirely of the switch between banks, so thats pretty tempting. And as my bro is happy with Abby, I should be too.

Main thing for me to remember to do would be to get my wages paid into the new account. Knowing me, I'd likely as not forget!

And no, they gave me no warning of the 20th December payment. I shall bring that up when I phone them.

08-01-2006, 14:17
well i must say i have never used them, and intend never too... i have always used eiter nationwide or natwest, one of which is an old, old bank, and slightly ....what you might call stuck up.. [natwest] but they have a reputation that they want to keep, so will help you, as its what they are paid to do, and its why they have slightly lower interest rates, [the extra money means they dont have to screw ppl over as much... you know you are getting slightly less money, but you also know you are not loosing extra via hidden paymenats] and nationwide is good for savinges etc... [they have the best e savings accout around... due to giving lower interest rates to newer coustomers]

so i would say change bank and then claim all your money back, it looks like they are trying to screw you over!

08-01-2006, 21:25
I've been with Abbey for over a decade and have never, ever had any problems with them.

Come join us!

08-01-2006, 21:42
All of you promise me you wont go anywhere near the yorkshire bank. My experience with them was as follows:

Me: hi, I'm a student and would like a student account please
Them: OK, are there any reasons you couldnt have one?
Me: Well, I've never been overdrawn, have no CCJs, never been blacklisted etc
Them: Ok mr hlokk, heres whats so great about our account (2 hour diaribe)
Them; oh, sorry, you cant have an account with us
Me: Why?
Them: Our records show your in debt
me: Thats my student loan
them: Well your still in debt
Me: Well, I have to have a loan, but its not like I have to pay it back till im earning graduate wages
Them: Give a customer of 18 years the middle finger.

however, I have approached hSBC for a student account, and even though this was before chrismas, hey have yet to get back in touch with me, despite quoting 5 days to tell me if i got one.

bloody amatures. :rolleyes:

08-01-2006, 22:02
lol. thats got to be one of the best refuasals of a student account ever..

a student loan.. oh well the is the UK after all

Rik Valdis
08-01-2006, 22:43
Lol Hlokk, at NAtwest I wasnt allowed to open a student account unless I had a loan! I had to pay the loan into the account to prove i want just scamming them of their offer.

09-01-2006, 18:54
Im with halifax... I still have my under 15s account.... im now 20... 21 in may.... they stopped sending me letters to get it switched around my 17th birthday....

At least im not an any of their mailing lists for loans/credit cards/morgages.... its ACE! nice n simple!

09-01-2006, 21:15
I'm with HBOS as well, I say go fer it! Not a problem has been experienced since i opened the acount. Aside from being massively overdrawn, but thats my own dumb fault (got carried away in freshers week. . .)

Good luck anywho. And if all else fails, sell your apendix on eBay. . .

Dave out.