View Full Version : Grave Guard Death Star Vamps. Please c&c!

Lord Hurin
26-07-2009, 02:39
Ok, so this list is based around the Grave Guard unit. With a good Vanhel's, the Vamp's Helm of Commandment and the BSB, I'll have a regenerating unit that can hit with S6, WS6 that ASF. Sounds good, no? The only problem is that I usually try not to go all-out with just 1 unit. How big are this list's weaknesses and how easy to beat would it be?


Lord Hafrik the Manipulator - 420pts
Extra Magic Level, Master of the Black Arts, Lord of the Dead, Dread Knight, Wristbands of Black Gold, Helm of Commandment, Black Periapt

Tset Habur, Wight King of the Dolgar - 225pts
BSB, Drakenhof Banner

Camen von Krieger - 195pts
Dark Acolyte, Lord of the Dead, Tomb Blade, Flayed Hauberk

Vladimir Sangraal - 190pts
Lord of the Dead, Dread Knight, Enchanted Shield, Book of Arkhan

Core Units

The Long Dead - 197pts
19 Skeletons with Full Command and Banner of Endless Nightmare
<von Krieger goes here>

The Long Dead - 165pts
15 Skeletons with Full Command and Banner of the Dead Legion

The Long Dead - 132pts
15 Skeletons with Standard and Musician

The Hounds of Undeath - 160pts
4x 5 Dire Wolves

Special Units

Dead Men of the Dolgar - 309pts
18 Grave Guard with great weapon; Full Command with Banner of the Barrows
<Sangraal and BSB go here>

Swooping Undeath - 80pts
4 Fell Bats

Rare Units

Maxis the Debased - 175pts

2248 Points Total

26-07-2009, 03:31
Most times when this list is done, the Grave Guard unit used as the hammer is considerably bigger. If you are planning on putting 2 characters into it, then having 22 Grave Guard (with the 2 characters making it 24) and running it 6x4 would be fine.

Thanks for your time!

Lord Hurin
26-07-2009, 11:15
Hmmm... dropping a Wolf unit to make up the last 39 pts for those 3 eh? The one Vampire takes up 2 spots because of his mount. The only problem I forsee with this is having to either buy another GG box for one model or eBaying the single GG...

Thanks for the advice :)

26-07-2009, 17:22
Give the poor BSB heavy armour, shield and barded steed. 2+ armour save with their natural defensives is nothing to sneeze at - and he WILL be targeted by everything in unit. Also means that you will only need 2 grave guard more (convert some skeles, its much easier. Or possibly make a diorama/unit filler, they always look pretty good.)

The grave guard unit needs to be just a little bit bigger. S6 WS7 (vamp lord with helm is WS7 don't forget, with Banner = hits on 2s) ASF is all very well, but not very useful if you only have 3 models in combat.

Why give mr Sangraal lord of the dead? Its not like he's gonna cast invo on the skeles much (he'll probably cast it on the GG/skeles before the others) with his 1 dice. Give him Walking Death - might as well have a deathstar with good CR.