View Full Version : Blanket Spell vs Spell Resistance

26-07-2009, 12:21
Hey guys Im fairly new to Fantasy and need some help.

If my opponents mage casts a spell that affects multiple units (like the VC one that kills guys and makes spirit host) and one of my units that was targeted has spell resistance but the majority of the units targeted do not do I get the extra dispel dice even though they were not directly targeted.

Thanks for any help

26-07-2009, 12:32
You don't get the MR bonus, according to the latest FAQ I think.

Necromancy Black
26-07-2009, 12:56
None of those units are targeted, they are only affected. The part about MR being used for spells that affect a unit was removed in an erreta.

They don't get MR.

26-07-2009, 13:29
Thanks for the info