View Full Version : Astro Mag Issue 5

26-07-2009, 14:27
Hey everyone, it has been a whole three months since Issue 4 came out and now I'm here to bring you issue 5 (http://mag.astronomican.com). We are still rapidly evolving (in a good direction I think) so every suggestion and critique will be looked at carefully. We had a very limited amount of hobby articles come in mainly because we were focusing on restructuring the way we handle releases and actual creation of the mag so we gain a vibe of professionalism with a loss to some content. Remember that anyone and everyone can submit articles and even if you're not the best painter or converter in the world you can still teach people a new technique or a new way to look at something! If you are interested in submitting articles for our Pre-Heresy/Heresy themed Issue 6 due out in October then follow this link!

Again, please tell us what you think and how we can improve!!

Here is the download link again. (http://mag.astronomican.com)