View Full Version : Returning to warhammer after 5year gap plz rate.

26-07-2009, 16:33
Hi guys,

Me and some friends have just got back into Warhammer the following is the list I plan to start using.

General of the Empire.
Barded warhorse shield fullplate lance hand gun and the laurels of victory -187

Lv2 2dipel scrolls -150

lv2 Rod of power and powerstone -150

BSB fullplate -83

28 spearmen wizards live here
full command and shields - 188

5 crossbowmen - 40
5 crossbowmen - 40

24 halberdiers BSB lives here
full command and shields - 164

10 handgunners
champion with hochland longrifle -105

10 handgunners
champion with hochland longrifle -105

5 knights general lives here
full command with warbanner -180

20 greatswords
full command -230

5 pistoliers - 90

cannon -100

mortar -75

vollygun -110

Total 1997

6 power
4 dispel with 2 scrolls

rod of power lets me change dice from phase to phase as needed.

anythoughts welcome although i'm not a fan of wizards leading empire armys...


27-07-2009, 05:42
Nice to see vast armies of infantry :)

WIth 20 Greatswords you might want to swap out the either general or a wizard for Lector or Warrior Priest. Hiding them in a stubborn unit is very nice and the hatred for re-rerolls with great weapons is nice.

Or for a more fighty general you could take the Knight Grandmaster w/laurels of Victory for 200 points (He comes with Fullplate, Shield, Lance & the Barded warhorse) but he's more fighty and is Immune to pschyology.

27-07-2009, 21:34
I was so used to taking a General of the Empire but your suggestion of a Templar Master suits the role the generals playing much much better.

Thanks for the advice.