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26-07-2009, 23:53
Hi guys,

Just been looking through the army book and have come up with this list for starters - meant as a general list for all comers.

I am looking for some feedback, good advice, how to effectively play the army etc.


Chaos Sorcerer Level 2:
- Dispel Scroll
145 points

Exalted Hero of Chaos:
- Mark of Khorne
- Shield
- Biting Blade
- Collar of Khorne
155 points


5 x Chaos Warhounds: 30 points

5 x Chaos Warhounds: 30 points

20 x Chaos Marauders:
- Standard Bearer, Marauder Cheftain, Musician
- Flails
120 points

12 x Chaos Warriors:
- Standard Bearer, Champion, Musician
222 points


5 x Chaos Knights:
- Mark of Tzeentch
- Standard Bearer, Knight Champion, Musician
- Lances
295 points

Total: 997 points

27-07-2009, 00:27
Hmm, well its different i'll give you.


Firstly, why a chaos sorc with lv2 and dispel scroll, but nothing else? Not that its particularly bad build or anything, just a bit... lacking in potential. Give him a mount at least for the extra armour.

The exalted hero could do with being on a mount (as he's khorne, might as well give him a jugjug). Improvement to AS and hitting power. Can then drop the shield + biting blade, and give him a flail (better choice anyways). Collar of khorne is fine. Maybe even make him a BSB (he doesn't add anything leadership wise, so no reason not to)

Marauders are ok - personally i'd give them at least mark of slaanesh, ideally mark of khorne, and bump them up to 25 strong. At T3 no save, they die like flies to any sort of ranged fire, so you need a few extra bodies.

Chaos warriors... okies firstly give them a mark (again, khorne/slaanesh working well), then give them halberds as well as shields. Take off the overly expensive champ too, if you need points.

Chaos knights: firstly, ensorcelled blades > lances. S5 permanently rocks, and is cheaper. The champ is way overpriced for what he does. If you want to take mark of tzeentch (fine), give them blasted standard for a nice 4+ ward versus missiles.

Now personally, i wouldn't actually change the warriors/marauders. I'd just drop them entirely. By the time your characters are mounted up, they're not needed for anything. They're crazy slow and unwieldy, so not really helping there either. Knights are some of the few cavalry in the game that can charge a unit of ranked infantry head on, and expect to win happily (especially khorne knights, more on that later). Your infantry is expensive too.

So, as you need core, you can then take a couple of small sized units of marauder cav (i.e. flails + musician + mark of khorne/slaanesh). By the time you've cut and pruned the army a bit, i think you can fit in another unit of knights (250pts for 5 with standard + MoK).

Now, this will lead to quite a lot of frenzy in the army (2 units of knights, maybe some marauder cav). This is ok. You have hounds (excellent, by the way) to help a bit there. The extra damage the knights put out is crazy good tho - it takes a bit of getting used to, but taking 2 units of the bad boys at 1k will lead to a very powerful army.

27-07-2009, 00:57
The knights doesn't really need MoT. They have some insane survivability anyway. If you go against a gunline then give them the Blasted Standard aswell. MoT alone won't do much. I'd swap it for MoK. It makes them hit about 50 % harder for a relatively low price.

People say knight of Khorne are easy to bait, but I must honestly say that I've never actually seen that work the way people say and if you think your opponent will try to bait them, then put your hounds inbetween the units. Units with frenzy doesn't have to charge stuff they actually can't charge.

The lances are just a waste of points, at least for the first unit of knights. I've used it a bit and I'm not too impressed and to pay 5 pts more per model for a situational +2 str, which is more like +1 str when you count their default weapons isn't worth it.

27-07-2009, 14:08
Ok thanks for the informative replies, should probaly have mentioned I was basing it on the Batallion as its the only thing I have bought as yet :)

Yes will probably go for a whole Cav army - Can Ebay bits no problem.

What is your opinion on Wulfric? Thought he might be cool coming on a random table edge with a unit of Marauders to get rid of pesky enemy Heroes? Guess he would be better at higher point games though?

27-07-2009, 14:23
Personally I'm opposed to using unless agreed on by both players, but seing as the wind doesn't blow that way my personal preferences doesn't count.

I'm not sure if Wulfric would be worth his points. He's a really badass hero once he get into combat, but since he's slow and you can't really count on him to appear when needed he's bad at characterhunting. You could use him to put some pressure on your opponents warmachines though since those tend to be very slow aswell and usually stand far back almost unprotected.

An (imo) better option for hunting characters would be an exalted hero in a steedand armed with Axe of khorne