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28-07-2009, 10:27

Dark_ritualz:chrome: here, and i'm having a rather big problem. if some1 could help me fix this problem it would be awesome!

a very close friend of mine is playing lizardmen, and with the new armybook he is having a list against my undead i'm seeing impossibly.
we usually play 2000pts armies, so if some1 could post an "antilizardmen" army list that would be nice :chrome:

He is playing a full-scale skink army, and with the new army book, he can add kroxigors to the units, making them cause FEAR wich makes my own fear useless. he also always uses that dam frog called slann-mage, wich makes magic phases a pain.
he always fields (atleast one) skink priest on an ancient stegadon... and that thing has its ranged misslie thingie that wreaks undead apart...

if any1 knows any good tactics i should use against him that would be (as mentioned) AWESOME, since he keeps rubbing it in my face that he always wins :mad:

//Dark_Ritualz :chrome:

28-07-2009, 15:02
I would run combat heavy but include Vlad in the army. He's really good, especially in a unit of 19 grave guard with a BSB vampire with the regen banner. 7*3 of course.Also, a unit of 4 blood knights with a banner and musician and the flag of blood keep. It helps out a lot. I would also take units of 10 ghouls and the ghoulkin vampire power on one of your vampires. then have all of them fly so you get a first turn charge. They have to all be combat vampires though.

28-07-2009, 15:27
The Slann is going to take lore of light against undead. If you let your units get hit by both the #6 spell from that and the EoTG at the same time, you're going to have serious problems (I did it against Tomb Kings and wrecked). I'd say try to bog down those things with enormous blocks of zombies, and then take a bunch of fast killy things to run train on the skinks--they are abysmal in melee, and the krox/skink combo really isn't as good as it seems, especially if you can outflank them. To that end, I'd take ghouls, BK's, and Blood Knights to run around and destroy things. If you want to shut down the magic you can, just go really heavy on yours, but it's probably best if (as suggested above) you have some combat vamps to cut through his hard units (Saurus are really almost as good as Chaos warriors, especially against undead, with spears, they will eat you for breakfast).

30-07-2009, 19:24
thanks guys, ill try to make a list with the following things u mentioned :) will post it here when im done with it for CC