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28-07-2009, 12:45
Last night I got in a game or Warhammer with Ryan. He brought 2150 pts. of High Elves to attack my 2150 pts. of Lizardmen.

His list was:
Eltharion on Stormwing
Mage level 2- Steed - Ring of Fury, Silver Wand
Mage level 2 - Steed - Dispel Scroll, Jewel of the Dusk
Noble - DA, Lance, Barded Steed - Reaver Bow, Enchanted Shield
10 Archers
10 Lothern Sea Guard
10 Lothern Sea Guard
5 Ellyrian Reavers
5 Silver helms
5 Dragon Princes
1 Great Eagle
2 Repeater Bolt Throwers
5 Shadow Warriors

My list was:
Old Blood on Carnosaur
Skink Priest on Engine of the Gods
Skink Priest
Scar Vet
11 Skink Skirmishers with Blowpipes
11 Skink Skirmishers with Blowpipes
11 Skink Skirmishers with Blowpipes
3 Terradons
3 Kroxigors
1 Stegadon
1 Salamander with an extra handler
1 Salamander with an extra handler

I rolled Second sign of Amul on my lone Skink Priest and I got Comet of Cassondora and Celestial Shield for my Skink Priest on the Engine of the Gods.

He rolled Drain Life and Dark Hand of Death on Eltharion. The Mage with 3 spells had Courage of Aenarion, Flames of the Phoenix and Vaul's Unmaking and the Mage with two 2 spells had Shield of Saphery and Flames of the Phoenix.

The deployment looked like this:

After deployment I nominated Eltharion for my Bane Head Target.


I made a general advance with most of my units. A dumb thing I did was get my Old Blood outside of my Fambaa shield generator:(

The magic phase was uneventful. I didn't get my reroll or the comet off and I saved my other two dice for the Diadem.


The only shooting I got off was one death on the Shadow Warriors from a salamander. The Bolt Thower whiffed big time as expected. The one death on the Shadow Warriors did cause a panic though.


The High Elves advanced their cavalry and set up a great eagle to redirect my Krox right into the forest. I didn't like that so much.


The magic wasn't too rough on me the first turn, but losing a terradon before they dropped rocks and spooking them out of the game for a turn was pretty annoying.


The shooting this round was tough on me. My foolish move out of the EotG bubble left my Old Blood on Carno vulnerable, but luckily he is tough and survived with 3 wounds placed on the Carno and none on the well protected Old Blood. The really hurtful thing that happened this turn though was his specially trained sniper bolt thrower operators were once again able to snipe my Skink Priest off the top of the EotG on the first turn.


I charged thd DPs with my Old Blood and they fled. I also charged Eltharion with my Scar Vet out of the Krox unit and my EotG. Eltharion also fled. I left my Krox where they were so they wouldn't be stuck in the forest for a while. I figured my Skinks could take care of him. I ended up using my skinks on the left to redirect the silver helms and moved some other skinks to protect my Carnosaur from the bolt throwers.


Shooting was fairly uneventful for me this turn except for the obvious bird slaughtered by 22 poison darts.


This movement phase was great for me as his DPs failed to rally and left the game!!! Elthatrion did rally though, I couldn't get that lucky:) He charged my Skinks with the silver helms and the Shadow Warriors engaged my Salamander in the forest.


The HE magic was luckily not too terrible for me this turn even though I lost a lot of defense. It did hurt a salamander with Flames of the Phoenix.


His shooting was once again fairly brutal. I knew I was in trouble leaving my Scar Vet out in the open like that, but the chance to catch Eltharion was so tempting and cathing him would have been so awesome. So I lost my Scar Vet and took some more wounds in a few places.


We had our first combats this turn and neither of them were ones that I chose which usually doesn't bode well, but I liked the Salamander match up. The Skinks were decimated as I anticipated, but they took the Silver Helms South which I liked. The Salamander ended up taking a wound and not causing any:( So combat drew and we went to the next turn.


Turn 3 movement saw no charges from me unfortunately, but I jockeyd for better position.


Shooting was basically a wash this turn. I killed a few elves but ate a few Skinks. I did have an interesting situation come up though where the rules are a bit vague. The Salamanders say they are not monsters, but they take a leadership test if all the handlers are killed. If they fail that test they are supposed to roll on the monster reaction table. Can they use the general's leadership? We ended up rolling for it. My opponent thought that they couldn't because under the monster rules for slain rider it says they have to use their own, but I though they could maybe use the generals, since their rule specifically states that they are not monsters, that would mean the monster rules wouldn't apply to them and they would treat it like any other leadership test.


Combat between the Salamander and Shadow Warriors saw them trade blows, so I won combat, but they held. It was too bad we didn't trade blows last time or I didn't get one more wound in this time, because then I could have auto broke him with my fear. I was mostly just sick of having my flaming fear causer tied up in combat so long.


I got charged a bit this turn, but both the bolt thrower crews cowered in fear at the sight of my mighty dinos.


This round of magic was farily devestating for me as Eltharion got off Drain life in the midst of a bunch of my units. The worst parts were taking out half the Krox unit before it got a chance to fight Eltharion and taking out the Salamander before another combat wasn't nice either. I really didn't appreciate my last remaining vestige of magic defense being blown up either. That skink priest had a scroll too and would have used it if not for the double sixes on three dice:(


Thanks to the failed terror test this round of shoting wasn't very rough on me.


Thanks to the spell my skinks were slaugtered withouth the protection of the salamander and the Krox were at a terrible disadvantage in combat and ran down.


Great success! My Old Blood got into Combat. My ancient Stegadon ran some LSG off the board and I dropped 5 strength 4 rocks on Eltharion. I don't remember if any wounds made it throught from the rocks, but I do know what remained after shooting.


This was a fun round of shooting. All told Eltharion took 5 hits from the rocks at the end of the movement phase, 6 poisoned javelins, one poisoned bolt and 22 poisoned darts! This killed Eltharion and left Stormwing very bloody with only one wound remaining.

Combat on turn 4 saw my Old blood decimate his LSG as he used my skinks in battle to get some combat res. It wasn't enough. Two skinks remained and my old blood ran through their position.


One Bolt Thrower crew rallied, but the other continued to flee. Stormwing stumbled forward stupidly thanks to his monster reaction table roll. His reavers charged my two skinks, and those dang Shadow Warriors were still harassing me as they dove into my skinks that were just finishing celebrating the demise of the enemy genereal. The SHs tried to close on my Old Blood as well.


I weathered this magic phase pretty well.


Shooting was also fairly tame thanks to the running BTs and all the LSG had been eliminated.


The Reavers tore through my skinks which was no big surprise, however I thought my skinks would have done better vs. the Shadow Warriors, but they couldn't hit at all and ended up getting ran through.


My frenzied Carnosaur had to charge the bolt thrower crew and that forced them to flee off the board. My Stegadon decided to take care of those pesky Shadow Warriors.


My turn 5 shooting did nothing for me. I was hoping to get one poison javelin to hit on Stormwing, but alas that didn't occur.


Combat was good for me this turn though as my Stegadon dispatched the rest of the Shadow Warriors.


Nothing major this movement phase just some jockeying for position and Stormwing getting the heck out of Dodge.


Mor uneventful shooting. My Old Blood and Carnosaur were deflecting any thing that hit them with their armor, and everyonce in a while the Old Blood would even need the power of the old ones to save him in the form of a pretty necklace.


Magic wasn't fun this turn as my Terradons got torn up.


I attempted to charge Stormwing with my last Slamander. I was hoping I would get the last wound on him before he could swing back, but I failed my fear test and sat still. The rest of my movement was just to be prepared solidify the table quarter I was in as I couldn't get to any ohters.


Stormwing charged my Salamander and the rest of his units solidified two table quarters.


Stormwing charged in at the end, but was unable to connect and the Salamander got to remove that last wound anyway!

The day ended in a draw with both sides looking pretty worse for wear. It was a great game and I think I learned a bit more from it. One other question that came up was moving salamander hunting packs through the woods. They do not suffer a movement penalty since they are skirmished, right? We though so, but we weren't sure if there was a rule like the shooting rule?

28-07-2009, 12:52
Nice report, and lots of diagrams :):) although the turn order is slightly hard to follow. And yes salamander hunting packs are skirmishers so can go through woods and the like without penalty although they (and terradons for that matter) don't get the -1 to from shooting that most skirmishers get since they are not US1.

28-07-2009, 14:49
Thanks. We thought salamanders probably could move without penalty, but we were just wondering if there was some rule hidden somewhere that made them unable to do it like the shooting rule. Thanks for confirming!

Sorry you found the turn order a bit confusing. Each of the images is labeled H or L for whose turn it is then, M for movement, Magic for magic, S for shooting, c for combat. Then T1-6 for the turn. They should also be in order as the game went. Maybe that description will help.