View Full Version : Whats more valuable, W, T or AS?

07-01-2006, 14:04
I mianly ask in relation to my anvil of doom.....

But i suppose it can be spread to include otehr armies....

What is most valuable do you think?

My conundrum is.....

Runelord.. comes with a 4+ armour save

Do I:

1) Increase this save to 1+

2) Increase his toughness from 5 to 6!

3) increase his wounds from 3 to 4

Which do you lot think is most valuable?

07-01-2006, 14:09
Depends, what do you expect him to face?

If a LOT of attacks at a low strength, 1+ AS

If stuff with lower strength but ignoring AS, +1 T

If several high-strength attacks (7 and up), another wound.

07-01-2006, 14:16
I dunno.... I think that for what he is.... probably the 1+ AS would be best.... as a take all comers thing... hes got a 4+ ward versus missiles anyway.

07-01-2006, 15:29
Wounds ....

07-01-2006, 17:23
He can't buy an ordinary shield for a 2+ save?

07-01-2006, 18:00
The extra wounds and toughness are a big waste of points! MAybe the armour would be good, but I would prefer a rune of stone and then a few funky talismans. Spend the points on something to protect his anvil in general.

The extra T and W are far too expensive for what they are. Much better is the rune of preservation as killer blow is the bane of Dwarf lords

07-01-2006, 18:09
if the hero is capeable to destroy the opponent in one turn go for W
if the hero needs a round or two to kill the opponent go for AS
i dont see the big use of T, if you have enough AS then T have nothing nothing to say (if not no armoursave things) but T is good against missile fire

07-01-2006, 19:28
I would say Toughness is the most helpful. Few units can hurt T5 characters, especially lighter units that would be able to get to the Anvil quickly. Armor save is nice, but you already have a 4+ (3+?). That extra point of toughness will help make a lot of hits not wound. Weaker troops will have a hard time scoring any wounds, and those great-weapon armed units will only have an average time wounding, instead of an easy kill.

Several Mordhiem campaigns have taught me that Toughness is nearly always better than AS, since it isn't as easily negated. Of course, that games doesn't see the number of attacks on one model as Warhammer does.

07-01-2006, 23:42
Thats what im thinking... im sure in the last book it cost more points to get an extra T than an extra W.... Thats swapped over....

a T 6 character would be nice.... I think ill probably plump for the 1+ AS as I doudt he will be doing much in the way of fighting anyway! Rune of preservation might be an idea too....

Major Defense
08-01-2006, 04:17
Do I:

1) Increase this save to 1+

2) Increase his toughness from 5 to 6!

3) increase his wounds from 3 to 4

Which do you lot think is most valuable?Saves can be reduced to a nearly useless 5+ or even bypassed entirely. Toughness being higher can save you from a lot of wounds so I'd say that. In fact in almost any situation toughness is going to be the more coveted stat. That's why T6 dragons and demons enjoy flying all over the table like nothing can hurt them.

08-01-2006, 20:50
I'm putting in a vote for Toughness. For the case of a dwarf you'll be going from T4 to T5 will (at least against S3) halve the enemies chance of wounding (5+ -> 6+), which is effectively doubling your wounds!

- Iain

09-01-2006, 05:11
for a dwarf runelord, the things to get:

-rune of preservation. Killing blow/poison are annoying.
-rune of stone, immediately takes you to a 3+ save. Or go the MR of gromril route, and get the 1+ save so you can take a GW.
-rune of spite, or 2*rune of iron. A ward save is still a must for CC, and non-magic missle spells

That leaves you plenty of points for anti-magic, and for offense. I use:

-Talisman: 2xSpellbreaker
-Armor: Preservation, 2xIron
-Weapon: Fury, Cleaving

With a shield, he's got a 3+ armor save, and a 5+ ward (on top of t5). Plus he provides some offense to help break units that charge the anvil.