View Full Version : Help equipping a Bretonnian Pegasus Lord

Your Mum Rang
29-07-2009, 09:09
Just wondered if anyone can offer some advice on kitting a Peg Lord. Ksum suggested I try the Bretts and I would really like to have a Lord which can take out monsters such as Dragons, Hydrae and all the other big nasties so my lances can go to work on the enemy troops.

Is the Virtue of Heroism worth it? Or should I just take the Wyrmlance (bye bye Regen) and Virtue of Audacity? After all, you can't always rely on a KB.

29-07-2009, 15:03
With the Tress of Isoulde you're hitting on 2+ for that first charge against a large target. Barring 1's you end up with a pretty good chance to land that KB. Not as reliable as say the Wardancer with BoL, but I'd say its worth it. You also have the ward save and only go into combat down by 1 for outnumber, so if he doesn't wound and you do, you get another chance at KB.

That being said, if you don't KB that Hydra, it'll probably eat you alive. But Hydra don't fly, so can be avoided more easily if you want to.