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29-07-2009, 14:32
As a new dwarf player, I am experimenting with some options that I haven't used yet. One of such ideas is to outfit my Dwarven Thunderers w/ a champion armed with a brace of pistols.

I've come to consider this option for a couple of reasons, mostly concerned with a Dwarf's natural combat ability.

The first is an old Empire trick, to outfit the champion with a pistol to alter the Stand and Shoot distances so that your handguns are always in short range when firing (though I don't use this trick, as I prefer more ranged power.) When the enemy charges, you wait until all weapons are in range (assuming a stand and shoot is possible at all,) so all weapons will fire at 8" range, possibly eliminating the long range penalty for any fast units charging from more than 12" away. Since the pistols are a brace, you get 2 shots with them, helping to make up for the turn or two the champ hasn't fired.

The second is that Dwarven champs get a +1A, rather than the typical +1BS common to missile troops. Since all dwarves are naturally good in combat, with T4 and potential 4+ save, they actually have a chance if you choose to engage in combat, with the champion having 3 attacks, enough to threaten some characters and certainly most light units.

Thirdly, having a Brace of Pistols gives the dwarves some reactionary shooting, since all other weapons are move-or-fire only. With the BoP, the unit could turn to react to the approaching hunters who have dodged their LoS arc, while potentially firing off 2 shots in the process. Not a tremendous ammount of power, but could knock off a model or two, particularly from these faster, lightly armored, and small units which tend to be able to get outside of LoS.

My only question would come down to combat armament. Could the unit elect to use shields but the champ his AHW? Or would the whole unit have to declare AHW's, then those who don't have them (the rest of the unit) use just a weapons with no shield? I am not sure at this time.

Do you think giving up the 1 gun for normal shooting is worth these changes? Or is it simply better to sit back, blast away, and worry about combat if/when you are charged, simply unleashing waves of bullets as long as possible.

Lord Of The Night
29-07-2009, 16:51
You would have to either have the whole unit use shields or no shields because hes a champ and not a hero which makes the pistol pointless in close combat with that unit

I always take my thunderers with shields and since they have the dwarve stats and a 4+ save they usually can do ok in combat. I've even had mine flank charge to support my blocks of warriors.

In short I don't really think the pistol option is worth it. I may only be saying this though because my thunderers always end up in CC eventually it seems.

30-07-2009, 03:20
i wouldnt bother. a couple extra shots isnt worth it cuz thunderers are meant for long range and pistols dont go very far.