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29-07-2009, 16:38
Ok so I've been playtesting my take-all-comers list recently with some surprising, and encouraging results. Here's the list that I have now tweaked to what I believe fits my playstyle the most efficiently. It mixes decent shooting, decent magic defense with an ultra-solid, nigh-unbreakable, immune to fear and terror centre line. As always, its open to comments:


BALANCED 2000 pts.

Dwarf Lord 286 pts. (joins Hammerers)
Shieldbearers, GW, MRoSteel, RoResistance, RoStone, MRoChallenge, RotFurnace.

BSB Thane 175 pts. (joins Longbeards)
BSB, Strollaz Rune, RoCourage.

Thane - 142 pts. (joins Longbeards)
Shield, MRoSwiftness, RoFury, RoCleaving, RoStone

Runesmith 127 pts.
Shield, RoSpellbreaking, RoSpellbreaking, RoStone.

10 Quarrellers - 120 pts.

10 Warriors - 90 pts.

18 Longbeards 291 pts.
Full Command, Shields, RoBattle, RoStoicism

18 Hammerers 289 pts.
Full Command, Shields, RoBattle.

15 Slayers 165 pts.

1 Bolt Thrower 90 pts.
Engineer, RoPenetrating, RoBurning.

1 Bolt Thrower 85 pts.
Engineer, RoPenetrating.

1 Gyrocopter 140 pts.

TOTAL: 2000 pts.
DP: 5 + 2 Runes

Comments or questions?


29-07-2009, 18:50
I'm curious as to how you're planning on pinning down the enemy where you want him to be. If I were you, I'd drop the slayers and pick up another gyrocopter to really get those march blocks where you need them, and try to fit in either rangers or miners to further give you some ways to dictate where and when the fight is. I applaud you for making a dwarf melee army that doesn't just rely on the anvil to spam the move thing and run across the table, but you need to marchblock in order to shut down enemy rapid movement so they don't just surround and envelop you.

29-07-2009, 21:38
Didn't you post a list like this fairly recently? I'm sure I commented on something just like this that used the phrase "It mixes decent shooting, decent magic defense with an ultra-solid, nigh-unbreakable, immune to fear and terror centre line"

I'm not sure Strollaz's is a good idea; you should probably be trying to put distance between you and the enemy rather than come to grips sooner. Even dwarf elite units can't quite go toe to toe against enemy combat specialists. I posted more thoroughly on your previous thread, if you're interested in my c&c you can just refer back to p3 or 4 or wherever that thread is currently.

29-07-2009, 23:18
@lcfr: Yeah i did, this is Version 2. Its gone through some important tweaks and here's the new list. Its currently undefeated at my LGS.

@Cutmasta114: its funny you mention that as ive toyed with the idea of two Copters but cant justify dropping the Slayers for them. They are probably my favourite/most valuable unit as they're just an amazing tarpit against anything.


30-07-2009, 04:17
A very nice dwarfs list.

I take similar things in my 2250 dwarfs, save the slayers, but you obviously like the unit so by all means keep them. I would try and invest in another gyrocopter however, it will only enhance your shooting phase by being able to march block and it is just murder for infantry. You could drop the banner runes on the BSB, drop the combat heavy thane, then transfer MRoSwiftness and RoCleaving to the BSB and give him MRoGromil for a solid AS. Assuming that the Runesmith is going in the Longbeards, I think two characters for that unit are enough.

I know the unit of warriors is there for core minimum but imo they seem kinda useless. Any chance of adding another unit of quarrelers? No wrong in adding another shooting unit when you already have 3.

30-07-2009, 05:00
I like the look...I've toyed around with a VERY similar list myself at 2250, though I do use the Anvil + Miners, and Ironbreakers instead of Slayers. Doesn't win me a ton of games, but I have a lot of fun with it. I might have to try going Anvil-less next time. The anvil generally just acts as "marchblocking" slowing down flanking cav untill the turn it moves the miners in. Generally will never risk Ancient Power unless the situation is dire enough that it becomes "pull it off or lose" or else could possibly win me the game in one charge.

30-07-2009, 12:59
Thanks guys for suggestions, these are some great thoughts. I very much like the idea of a more solid BSB but I also like the immunity he affords to an already solid Longbeard unit.

Out of interest TheSanityAssassin, what config do you use for your Ironbreakers and how have they fared?

Gonna write up some battle reports against the top three armies in a few days.


30-07-2009, 16:18
20 with Rune of Battle and Rune of...Double Unit Size (I'm bad with names...stoicism I think), and usually a Thane with Snorri, Fury and Cleaving and Stone. (Not big on Swiftness, as being a High Elf player at heart and knowing we have a few around it often doesn't come into play).

I find that the unit's fate usually rests with that Thane and what kind of damage he can do in combat. They have good combat Rez and will rarely lose much of it, but their inability to do damage doesn't do well for them against elite units. They really need a couple wounds at least out of him to win against ranked fighters. I have however done well against things like Elf elites....they'll beat up Swordsmasters in 2 ranks of 7 with reasonable luck, and are also good at absorbing blocks of Black Guard, as S4 just doesn't cut it against Gromril.

What the unit has trouble with, and from my experiance the whole army has trouble with is enemy Rez monsters, like 20 Phoenix Guard units with a couple Characters, or things with KB, like Executioners or Grave/Tomb Guard. That is generally what I try to use the Miners and Hammerers for, to combo Front/Rear the big Rez blocks using the anvil.

The Ironbreakers tend to see their function seeing off medium infantry and small heavy cav units with relative ease, or pressing quickly into a gunline. I won't say they're all-stars, but with the right build they're ALMOST as hard to get rid of as the Slayers, and MUCH more resiliant against shooting and most magic.