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29-07-2009, 18:45
Ok, it seems that every one and their brother says that
Chaos knights are the "no brainer" choice here.
My problem is that I just can't make a 1+ armor save to
save my poor little knights lives.

I was just at a Tournament in Memphis (Great! by the way)
and had 2 of my 5 man units of Khorne knight charged in the
front by 2, 6 man units of Slaanesh knights. Go figure, my knights
where baited into a bad spot, how often can that happen?
Well I think that I should come out OK because I will still have
a 3+ armor save and end up attacking back with more than
he hit me with.....wrong! Of the total of 15 wounds caused to
my two units I failed 9, 3+ armor saves!

The next weekend I am at another tournament and this starts
to become a regular theme. They hit me I fail armor save I
loss they run me down. My Marauder cavalry are doing more
for me in games.

I keep wondering if i wouldn't be better off with Trolls, Ogres or
Dragon ogres. At least then they have to take off at least 3
Wounds before I start losing attacks. I love the Knight models
but I seem to have a very tough time with them serviving in
combat. Strange, but i almost never lose any to shooting,
because I have plenty of hounds for sreening.

Maybe I just need to hire a "pinch roller" for my self.

29-07-2009, 18:49
Follow your instincts on Dragon Ogres, they compliment knights well and will do more damage on the charge and are just as fast.

Hands down the best Ogre class infantry in the game.

29-07-2009, 18:54
You suck at rolling. Without even calculating....you'll take 3 wounds on the bigger stuff about as fast as you'll take a single casualty with chaos knights. Remember that there's things like being hit on 3's rather than 4's (in the example above) the will make a significant difference.

The average of those slaanesh knights against dragon ogres or ogres with chaos armour is 5.444 wounds. Trolls do better, but still take 3.41 wounds (but they should get a roll on the eye of the gods table). Your chaos knights were unlucky. They should have taken about a wound.

So the real suggestion is to not roll badly.

29-07-2009, 18:59
How are your knights being baited into bad positions? I dont think it's the armour save that's going wrong here but instead your unit being led into bad positions. Do they have MoK? If you're having difficulty with screening them against baiting units you might want to try another mark. Are you using marauder horsemen to deter other baiting units? Might want to give them flails to charge after and chase off any opposing bait unit, or throwing axes to try and wittle them down.

People have differant prefrences, but there's no doubt that knights are a great buy. With any small but elite unit you just have to be careful the enemy doesnt lure you into a fight where the odds are against you.

29-07-2009, 19:02
Oh, and with Dragon ogres. I once charged a unit of Chaos knights with my GW wielding D. Ogres, had 12 attacks against them. 4's to hit, 2's to wound and I roll eleven 2's and one 1 to hit. Bad luck on the dice rolls can happen with any unit.

29-07-2009, 20:30
If the models were not so crap, I would take a unit of 4 GW wielding Dragon Ogres over my 3rd unit of MoT Knights in an instant. They dish out some serious damage and are a bit tougher than the Knights.

Tis a shame the models are just so god damn ugly.

If I choose to run lots of Infantry in my army, then I do like Chaos Ogres. A unit of 4-5 with a Standard, Chaos Armour and AHW and any mark (Khorne is best) can be useful if placed near the General or BSB. When I play any elf army, I like to take a unit because they are unlikely to be "outnumbered" in combat and can take a bit of punhisment.

29-07-2009, 21:26
I had been running the Knights with MoK, but have switched to
MoS. Right now I run 4 hound units (5 in each), 5 units of 5
marauder cavalry MoS, LA, TA, FL 2 units of 5 KNights with MoS
and a unit of 22 marauder MoS with 2 casters in it.

I think I will just have to have my son do all the rolling for me.
He is 8 and starting to collect and paint TK. He likes skeletons.
But when ever he rolls for me in frienly games he rolls almost all 5 and 6's.

30-07-2009, 17:42
Maybe run 2 or more lvl2 nurgle sorcs and hope to roll the regen spell? Also, I prefer to run my knights 6 wide with no champ rather than 5 wide with champ.

30-07-2009, 18:45
Yeah, I need to pick up anouther box to get 6 knights in each unit.
I really don't run champs in my units, just standard and musician.
The Nurgle casters sound good. I usually just go unmarked with fire.

I was thinking of running a mounted exaulted champ of Tzeentch with
collar of Khorne with a unit of 4 Trolls. Might help them not to get fried by fire balls.