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29-07-2009, 20:47

The End Has Come..

July 21st 2009 -

Well folks, that time weíve all been waiting for has come.

I received a letter from Games-Workshop today, saying more or less the same as our last legal letter:

So, on the 31st July this site will be closing down along with the download links to the modules.
Now, I DO NOT want a tonne of comments bad mouthing GW, theyíre only doing what they have to to protect their IP, I understand that and donít feel any anger towards them what so ever. So any comments like that WILL be deleted.

We had a good run, thatís for sure. As mentioned previously I was planning to retire towards the end of summer, I have little motivation to carry on and with University work it would be impossible for me to continue producing the artwork needed.

*raises bottle of milkshake*
Itís been great over the last year, Iíve met some great people and had some good games, so, for now, I bid you all farewell!

Iíll repeat, on 31st of July this site will be closed down, so download and donate while you still can

Donít worry, Iíll still exist after weíve closed down, I run my own model blog now, The Vanus Temple. (Link to the right). Would be grand if you all popped by every now and then to say hi!

Thanks to everyone who has helped out over the period of our existence and I hope youíll all be playing 5.2b for a long time after weíve gone.

Tim Davis

29-07-2009, 20:55
Vassal itself is a platform to play board games online, and the mods just plugin the game system. So you could play your friends on different sides of the world, and not try to binge play when they're over.

It will also allow you to map out battle reports. :)

Gazak Blacktoof
29-07-2009, 20:59
There's already a thread on it here:


29-07-2009, 20:59
Theres a large thread in the other discussion section under GW legalhammer about this


damn those ninjas :)

29-07-2009, 21:00
That would be why it didn't come up on the search engine.

29-07-2009, 21:01
Yeah if you havn't given vassal a try you should really pick it up before they get shut down.