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30-07-2009, 10:47
Hey, as the title says, I've never won a game of warhammer fantasy. I've played about 20 games so far, mostly against VC and High Elfs. The army I've been using i chaos (previous ed.) But now I've started empire, just to drag those down in the mud aswell, he he

Here is what models I have at the moment;
2 Warrior Priests
2 Wizards
2 Generals/ Captains
40 Swordsmen
12 Spearmen
12 Handgunners
1 cannon
1 mortar
5 outriders
20 flagellants

is it possible to make a 1250p army against VC that actually have a sligthest chance of winning?

30-07-2009, 11:11
You have a decent mix of troops there, I think you've got a fighting chance against VC at this points level.

Since you have no knights to provide fast support, you'll need to rely on your infantry to do the job, while protecting them from enemy magic and slowly whittling down your opponent's hard-hitters.

Your 40 swordsmen can give you 2 solid regiments of 20 men, with full command. Spearmen should be used as detachments, I'd go for 10 or 9 strong, but given your lack of models I'd even consider 2 small 6-man groups. Alternatively, you could give one unit a 10-man spearmen detachment and the other one a 10-strong handgunner detachment. In addition to the stand and shoot reaction of the latter, you can elect to counter-charge with them when facing, say, zombies or skeletons.

The flagellants are a decent choice given the opposition, as they are immune to psychology and won't be auto-breaking from VC. Against High elves they are little more than cannon-fodder, but you can always use them to screen your panic-susceptible units from enemy bowfire.

A sample army list would look like this:
Warrior Priest, Armour of Meteoric Iron, Great Weapon
Battle Wizard, lvl 2, Dispel Scroll
20 Swordsmen, Full Command, 10 Spearmen with shields (detachment)
20 Swordsmen, Full Command, 10 Handgunners (detachment)
10 Flagellants, Doom Prophet

Great Cannon
5 Outriders, musician

10 Flagellants, Doom Prophet

30-07-2009, 19:27
It would be pretty easy to convert spearmen into halberdiers [replace the spear tips with some kind of axe head] which would suit a detachment better.

@ happy_doctor sorry havnt got the book to hand can detachments have upgrades ie shields?


30-07-2009, 23:39
Thx for the advice, too bad I didn't have time to check your reply before I played against VC. Major loss, he he. His bloodknights just smashed my swordsmen and then later on my handgunners...they are hard to stop.