View Full Version : Ideas for Manticore List

30-07-2009, 16:46
so I was wondering if anyone could offer some tips on a manticore list I want to try. it will be 2250 points and will have 4 heros on manticores. any advice?

30-07-2009, 16:48
Try to avoid your opponents figuring out that your list is illegal. ;)

30-07-2009, 16:52
Haha, yeah....
I believe each manticore takes up an additional hero slot....

But your opponent might not know this =)

30-07-2009, 17:38
you can get one on a lord without taking up the slot (due to a funny wording of the rule in the AB), but that would still only leave you with 3 hero slots, two of which would be taken up by a hero on a manticore. doesn't seem like that'll fly, unless you're playing 4k

30-07-2009, 18:11
so I now realize my error haha. so what could you recommend as a list that has 2 manticores