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31-07-2009, 01:13
OK so we are doing a mighty empires campaing. We have to do a 4k legal list then break them up into 500-1500 point banners(armies). We can reorganize as long as the banners are in the same tile. But here it goes:

Oh we cant take speshul char....

Slann Mage Priest "Chuq-Qu" -395
army stand
cupped hands
higher state of conc
becalming cogi

Saurus Old blood "Kha Gar" -446
blade of realities

skink priest "Tupac" -440
EOTG steg
D scroll
Diadem of Power

Skin Priest "TUchi-Heni" -150
lvl2 35
cloak of feathers
rod of the storm

Skink Priest "Chupa"-430
lvl 2
D scroll
Plauqe of Tepok

Scar Vet "Chillax" -124
shield of the mirrored pool


x12 skirmish skinks -84
x12 RNF skinks -60
x12 RNF skinks- 60
x12 Saurus w/spears Mus/stndrd -158
x12 Saurus w/spears Mus/stndrd -158
x12 Saurus w/spears -144
x12 Saurus w/spears -144


chameleon skinks -72
Terradons x5 -150
Temple Guard x20 full command -355
X5 Saurus Cav -175

Razordon hunting pack x3 -225
Salamander hunting Pack x3 -225

So there you have it. As we go along in the campaing I will be painting every one of these bad boys up. I have been considering dropping the priest steg for a warchief steg.

31-07-2009, 12:17
Why would you do that to your Slann!? Seriously, i don't care what else he gets, Focused Rumination is the automatic choice. Higher State of Consciousness is trash anyways, he's sitting in a TG block (2+ look out sir, 4+ ward). Focus of Mystery is also good (if he doesn't have Plaque, he needs this).

Why is your carnosaur lord basically naked? Give him light armour and enchanted shield. He's an expensive lord, there's no reason to scrimp.

Although i love the name of Chillax, his gear sucks. Put him on a cold one, enchanted shield, piranha blade, light armour. Way, way more effective.

Why 12 skinks? Just seems an odd number (doesn't increase number of casualties for panic checks). RnF skinks are there to die/take table quarters, keep them at minimum cost.

Saurus should really be 18 strong (3x6), spears and standard. More effective.

Chameleon skinks are rubbish compared to terradons, sorry but that's life.

Speaking of whom, terradons work best in units of 4. 5 is just a little big.

TG don't need to 20 strong, 16 is fine (also don't need champ or musician, although warbanner is a good idea to take).

Saurus cav could do with a banner. Useful things then.

I think 4x2 sallies will work better than 3 razordons and 3 sallies. Shame really, as the razordon models are lovely, but sallies work better.

31-07-2009, 22:17
All great points. cannons tend to make me nervous vs my slann. Becalming cog helps alot.
ill conider dropping Higher state. The Temple guard numbas as well as the terradons.

I have to ask why the banner in the sarus cav? If they are flank charging dont I only get 1 banner total for combat res? Assuming the other attacking unit has one as well?

01-08-2009, 09:11
I agree with what Gaargod suggested. I would probably drop Chillax to make the Saurus at least 15 models each and giving them spears. I would personally go with the big blocks of 20 and full command but they dont all have to be that big of a unit.

Not really sure about the Chameleon skinks but I haven't used them before but if you like them and have had success with them I say keep them.

Drop one terradon to upgrade some more stuff. I think they work best in units of four.

Upgrade the Oldblood a bit more, light armor and enchanted shield would be good enough.

Might want more skinks to help out with the numbers a bit but I'm not sure how the campaign is but thats my 2 cents.

A skink chief with an ancient stegadon might be nice to go with the oldblood since you have an engine for magic offense or magic defense.

Hope I helped somewhat.

02-08-2009, 16:04
Thanx for the suggestions. I changed too 3 units of 18 saurus with spear and command, no champ.

The other priest steg is a chief with spear steg. I did give the saurus Old Blood an enchanted shield and dropped Higher Conc from the slann.