View Full Version : 2k Dogs of War list

31-07-2009, 18:31
I am starting Dogs of War and would appreciate any input. Here is the list.

Hireling Wizard Lord: 260
Lvl 4, Disp. Scroll, Power Stone

Truthsayer: 265

Hireling Wizard: 120
Lvl 2, Disp. Scroll

Paymaster: 75
Warhorse, Barding, Heavy Arm, Shield

25 Ricco's Republican Guard: 360

5 Heavy Cavalry: 105

10 Crossbowmen: 80

8 Duellists: 72

8 Duellists: 75

Maneater: 90
Heavy Arm, Handguns

Maneater: 90
Heavy Arm, Handguns

8 Mengil Manhide's Manflayers: 325

Cannon: 85

Total: 1999
11 PD 7DD 2Scrolls

I enjoy magic so with 9 levels I can have a pretty solid magic phase, along with the +1 to dispel that the Truthsayer gives. I am not a huge fan of pikemen, but they are characterful and Ricco's unit seems like the best out of the pikemen RoR. I have heard good things about the Manflayers and I think they will be very useful for killing warmachines, big monsters and missile units. Hopefully they can make up for their high points cost. Please let me know what you think.


Edit: Does anyone know if a Truthsayer can be a general? He has excellent leadership and I would prefer that over the Ld of the Wizard Lord.