View Full Version : Dwarf Tales (to the tune of Duck Tales) and other models

31-07-2009, 19:52
Well recently I decided I would finally get around to scratching my painting itch. It has been a very long time between regular painting with a marriage, honeymoon, new job roles and a new baby having eaten a lot of time of late I have found some kid of rhythm and a high enough table to get my painting zen on.

I aim to post once a week at first then as i get faster hopefully more often! I will also litter the thread with my own Minitrolisms of painting and what i have found works or was abject failure.

I have a terrible problem when i paint of being addicted to the colour red so I have recently branched out and finally got onto my favorite fantasy army of all time Dwarfs.

First of all here a couple of old army pics to give you a idea of my present skill level.

31-07-2009, 20:20
So here is my first work in progress unit. i actually have 2000 points painted at this standard but I was extremely unhappy with them and have now started to go back through at ten models a time to bring them to as a high a standard as possible.

31-07-2009, 20:46
So I took a random selection of figures from my 2000 points to start as my test batch.