View Full Version : VC+Lizard Coalition Force

01-08-2009, 10:42
Having a 2v2 battle tomorrow and the total will be around 1500 points. We will be going against HE and Empire, the empire player uses a gunline.

Vampire 200
Barded nightmare, Lance, Heavy armor, shield, the hand of dust

Vampire 200

Dire Wolves x10- 80 Points

Ghouls x10- 80 Points

Skeletons x 15- 135 Points

Skeletons x15- 135 Points

Black Knights x5- 120 Points

Skink Skirmishers x10- 70 Points

Saurus x18 -216 Points

Skink Chief -85 Points

Cold One Cavalry x5- 175 Points

Not sure on what the general should have. Will be casting ION and probably be in a unit. The fighty vampire will be with the dire wolves and will wreck the gunline apart if they make it there alive. Not sure if its too much core but we're kinda limited to what models we have. I can use a stegadon/salamander/scarvet/priest though. I could remove some core to add in a skink priest for more magic defense and upgrade the skink chief.

Now I don't like to tailor lists that much but the empire player kinda needs to be taught a lesson so any advice is appreciated ;)