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01-08-2009, 11:12
I tried a few games with Vampire counts and I found the "I have 4 wizards and they all have lord of the dead and I cast Invocation 11 times per magic phase" build very boring, so I decided to mount my Lord on a Zombie Dragon and see how it did.

I definitely a lot more fun! The lord however died at the end of turn 6, because he just didn't have the killing power I feel he needed on the charge, so, I turned him from a magic heavy lord to a fighter lord in hopes that it he would fare better, here's the list I came up with for him. I took out my wight king (he has performed very poorly in my last 3 games) to make the points and altered my other vampires slightly, but otherwise the list is mostly the same.

2247 points Vampire Count List

Vampire Lord: Level 3 Wizard
Vampiric Powers: Infinite Hatred, Red Fury (+1 attack for each unsaved wound),
Magic Items: Walach’s Bloody Hauberk : armor and ward saves. The Balefire Spike (Lance Flaming attacks). Book of Arkan (Vanhel’s Danse Macabre, Power level 3).
695 Points 4+ Armor save, 5+ Ward save

Vampire: Level 1 Wizard
Vampiric Powers: Dreadknight (Mounted)
Magic Items: Hand of Dust: Bounds Spell power level 3. Unit in base combat suffers 2D6 strength 5 hits. After each use roll a 1D6, if a roll is rolled, the item may no longer be used for the rest of the game.
175 Points 2+ Armor save. Has a lance (+2 strength in on the charge). Rides a barded Nightmare.

Vampire: Level 1 Wizard
Vampiric Powers: Forbidden Lore (Knows all Vampiric Spells, including Invocation of Nehek) Lord of the Dead
Magic Items: The Flayed Hauberk , Dispel Scroll (1 use only)
200 Points 2+ Armor save. +1 when casting invocation of Nehek on Skeletons, can also raise them to larger than their starting size.
Spells: All of them!

16 skeleton warriors with Full Command. Banner of the Dead Legion (2X unit strength).
173 points 5+ armor save, 4+ in close combat

10 skelaton warriors. Spears/fight in 2 ranks from front and not charging.
90 Points 5+ armor save

20 Zombies. Can’t be joined by Characters, can be increased past starting size.
80 points.

19 Grave Guard with Full Command. Banner of the Barrow’s (+1 to hit at all times).
303 Points 4+ armor save, 3+ in close combat. Killing blow, magical attacks.

5 Black Knights, Champion. Barding.
156 Points 2+ armor save. Lances (+2 strength on charge), magical attacks, killing blow

2 Cairn Wraiths, +1 Banshee.
175 points

Black Coach, 2 Nightmare’s and 1 Cairn Wraith (driver, has a great weapon)
200 points

01-08-2009, 12:42
On your vampire lord, id suggest taken the flayed hauberk, crown of the damed, and the blood drinker

2+ armour save, 4 + ward save = more survivabilty

As for vampire powers, red fury, infinite hatred, and walking death, for that + 1 combat resolution

Your going to have a dragon lord, you dont skimp on his gears LOL, Oh and Infinite hatred gives the zombie dragon hatred also, i also believe its the same as the lord, and in every round of combat :)

As for your other 2 vampires, you should make these summoning ones, dark acolyte and lord of the dead, you will require these to build your units size up and keep your army going, while your vampire lord is out and about killing things

Lose the wariths and black coach and get another unit of black knights, or even blood knights, your vampire lord, will need some support when you charge, and knights bring some more static CR to the combats, banners etc

Hell to go to extremes, lose the grave guard and get more knights, your core units will be enough to tarpit the enemy units, while you have a dragon lord and up to 3 units of knights, 4 if you go all black knights i think

02-08-2009, 09:04
Well the Black Coach can support on a charge just as good as more knights, and the Banshee is something that I won't take away.

Taking out the Grave Guard to add more Black Knights is an idea though, and I could make my lord more survivable, however I am going to stay with the lance instead of the blood drinker. I used the Blood Drinker last game, and while it was invaluable, the reason I took most of my damage in the first place was because my lord lacked hitting power to hurt tough monsters and break tough armor, so I think the Lance is a must, or at least something I want to try.

I am afraid of making my Vampire stupid though, even at leadership 10, I'm not sure if I want to risk 700 points not doing anything for a turn. The REAL problem is that Vampire Talismans are terrible, a generic 5+ ward save for 30 points would be amazing, sadly, it doesn't exist. That leaves the Hauberk as the only thing that gives a decent ward save. I could give him dreadknight if I could find 20 points to get a shield for a 3+ save, but even that isn't so great.