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01-08-2009, 18:13
So, my girlfriend is trying to put together a 2000p wood elf army and we're stuck at what to add next. So far we've come up with following:

Noble, wild rider kindred, great stag, a murder of spites 185p

Core: 657p
10 Glade riders, full command 276p
5 Glade riders, musician 129p
12 Dryads, branch nymp 156p
8 Dryads 96p

Special: 615p
9 wildriders, full command 270p
5 treekin, elder 345p

Rare: 170
great eagle 50p
5 waywatchers 120p

Total: 1627/2000
Right now the noble joins the wild riders.

She's fairly new to the game and I've no idea what to add.
So here's the question: What should she add for the 373 spare points and is there something she should reconsider?

We'll both be grateful for any help.


01-08-2009, 18:33
You need to streamline your choices.

The Wild Rider shouldn't take a Great Stag, it is vulnerable in CC and will leave your general stranded. The murder of spites is also less than desirable, though it can be useful on a Branchwraith or TMA. I would make him a WR Highborn on a Steed with Annoyance of Nets, Stone of the Crystal Mere and the Spear of Twilight. If you want a Wild Rider General this is your best option. He is strong enough in combat to boost your WR on the charge, and with KB, Annoyance and the 3+ ward save he can get into a challenge with a big enemy fighter lord and last long enough to land that KB. Very worth it.

Then, streamline those WR into 6 with warbanner. At that size they can take 1 round of shooting before loosing their combat potential and on the flank with the Warbanner they bring +3 CR into the fight while denying rank bonus, as much as a 6 pt swing in your favor. Again, this is the optimum build for WR.

TKin are great and I'm glade that you're taking them, but 4 w/ no elder is the better way to build them. 5 is too wide and doesn't bring anything that 4 wouldn't. for the points, they are more efficient this way.

After dropping the extras from the TKin, use the points to rearrange your Dryads into 3 x 8. 12 is too many and you don't need the champ. Dryads are great in combat but they can be just as great as sacrificial screen units. Multiple small units are the way too go.

10 glade riders in one unit is way too much. Never, ever, take ranks of fast cav because they give you no benefit. 2x5 w/ musician is the way to go.

Loose the 3rd GR unit and the Waywatchers for 2 x 10 Glade Guard. Better shooting for your buck.

Get a Scroll caddy. 1 lvl1 wizard with 2 scrolls. with out this, magic will destroy you.

I know these seem like drastic changes. But trust me, these are time tested facts about the WE list. You need minimum sized units, and lots of them.

After you make these changes, try to work in 7 Wardancer w/ full command to support your TKin and WR hammer unit, that way you'll free up the Dryads to focus on support units or intercepting enemy shock troops.

Follow the link in my signature to an excellent WE resource. We'd love to see you over there. I get the feeling from your list that you aren't too familiar with WE tactics like bait and flee with fast cav and things like refused flank and flooding the zone. These are mostly universal ideas in Warhammer but we can help you understand how WE do it best.

01-08-2009, 18:48
Thanks willow.

We'll change the list, maybe post it again later. We got some things to think about. Toy with new lists and more. We'll check out the link.



01-08-2009, 19:27
She seems more eager then I expected and has therefore already made a new list. Here it goes:

Highborn, wild rider kinred, annoyance of nettlings, stone of the crystal mere, spear of twilight 280p

Spellsinger 2 dispel scrolls 140p

Core: 690p
5 Glade riders musician 129p
5 Glade riders musician 129p
8 Dryads 96p
8 Dryads 96p
10 Glade guards 120p
10 Glade guards 120p

6 wild riders, full command, warbanner 217p
4 Treekin 260p
7 wardancers, full command 147p

Great eagle 50p

Total 1784

What should she spend the last 216p on. She doesn't want more dryads.

Also she has some questions:
Is there an alternative to glade guards? (She's not "fond" of the models)
How easy will it be to move around? (She want a "moveable" army)
Won't the wildriders just die?


02-08-2009, 15:18
What should she spend the last 216p on. She doesn't want more dryads.

Well, I didn't want to jump the band wagon too soon, so I didn't mention this before but, for those points you could take the Standard Alter Noble, an extremely effective and popular hero choice for Welfs.

Alter Kindred,
La, shield, GW.
Hail of Doom Arrow and the Helm of the Hunt.

This guy has 5 st6 attacks on the charge and @ M9 he's as fast as your Wild Riders. I usually run him in tandem with my Wild Riders, use the HoDA to clear a lane and go for a flank. Combined, they can break most infantry on the charge.
With the left over points get a second Eagle. 2 Eagles and 2 GR = movement domination.

Is there an alternative to glade guards? (She's not "fond" of the models)

Can't help you there, I love the models. Has she actually seen the sprue? Does she realize she doesn't have to use the silly elf heads from the book, but has the option for shady hoods? Hooded Glade Guard look great.

How easy will it be to move around? (She want a "moveable" army)

If you go with the Alter, 2 Eagles, and with all your fast cav you will essentially be able to go where ever you want. This army is fast, there's no question.

Your TKin will be slow. Truth is they take a lot of practice to get good with. The trick is to deploy them correctly, to not let them get into a position where they have to wheel to get where they're going.

Look at the board in deployment, find the lanes dictated by terrain, assign your TKin to one of those lanes. Commit them to either intercepting what the enemy sends down that lane or send them through the lane at full speed to attack your opponent. Give them one unit of dryads or your Wardancers for support and they should own that lane.

If you have more questions post them in the Tactics forum, either here or at the Battle Glade.

Won't the wildriders just die?

Here's the thing. Shooters work by overlapping shooting lanes. These lanes may or may not be obvious based on terrain, but they will almost always be in the middle of the board. As flank attackers, WR tend to go outside these lanes. A missile unit would have to angle to shoot them, and like I said, with a 5+ AS and a 5+ WS they can take a round of shooting.

Even better though, you have the HoDA. My target #1 for the Arrow is the first missile unit that threatens my WR. That + one volley from your GG should cripple said shooting unit before they get a chance to shoot your WR. This is what a mean when I say "clearing a lane."

Does that help?