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01-08-2009, 23:17
My Gaming club is running a tournament and on wednesday I play the favourite to win in the quarter finals'. Based on several converations I've recently had in the club,a lot of people are of the opinion that for high elves to be competitive they either need a magic gun line or star dragon list.
As a die hard elf player I want to prove them wrong I've nearly finished a 2k list without teclis and without a star dragon!!!!!

Now i'm hoping my fellow gamers will respect the Asur. However I do want to win and this is where all you fine people come in . I would like you all to brutally criticise this list and help me with my final 166 points.

Without much further ado I present you this list

Prince with star lance armour of caledor on an elven steed
(goes in the Dragon Princes to add extra punch and help make sure charges come off with his higher leadership)
Noble (BSB) with the radient gem of hoeth great weapon and heavy armour
(He is going to use bear's anger spell and join White Lions to give them more attacks and ensure they stay in the fight until they are wiped out )
Mage Level 2 with loremasters cloak and silver wand
(He is going to go in the Swordmaster unit.The 2+ ward save against spells should hopefully let them get into combat in one piece.)
20 spearmen full command
10 archers
14 Swordmasters full command and War Banner
14 White lions full command
5 Dragon Princes Banner of Ellyrion champion has the Helm of Fortune
2 Repeater bolt throwers

With the remaining points I am torn between 4 options.These are
1. using the points to increase the size of both the Swordmasters and White Lions units to 20 each.

2.An extra unit of Dragon princes to guard flanks with other unit.

3.A repeater bolt thrower and an eagle to give some extra shooting and time to manouevre also give the white lions champion an item which confers MR(1)

4.A level 2 mage with the seer staff to ensure I get the spells i need for the game.

Any opinions will be greatly appreciated and I promise that I shall take note of every comment left. Thanks

02-08-2009, 19:53
Can nobody help me decide?

02-08-2009, 20:50
:) OPTION 3 .....would be my choice. My big concern with your list is that the Dragon Prince unit with Prince will get Isolated. Have you considered a Pair of Chariots ?

02-08-2009, 22:23
I have been concerned but i'm expecting EOTG's or scrap launchers off this guy. I was hoping that the unit would be used for delivering the starlance against a skink priest or destroying a chariot.
A lion chariot would be a good option but as they can't march i feel it might not be able keep up with the dragon princes, hence I preferred option 2 to that......
But the other bolt thrower might make a telling difference to the game as will march blocking. Thanks for the advice :)

03-08-2009, 01:29
If your strategy with your BSB is to get off Bear's Anger, then you're going to need another mage. Right now you only have 5PD, which isn't going to get any spells off against a competitive armylist and with just heavy armor and a GW, he'll die pretty easily.

04-08-2009, 22:52
ok Taking what you've said slayer thane how about I save 65 points by making the general a noble with talisman of loec and give him normal armour barding etc to get the 2+ and dropping the helm of fortune, which will leave me with 256 points....
With that i'll take a bolt thrower and a level 2 mage with jewel of the dusk....
How does that sound? I've tried to incorporate both of your suggestions thanks for the advice

04-08-2009, 23:28
I've never played high elves, but have always found a BSB invaluable. For that reason I would give him a good save. I think your prince is fine. For a BSB I would mount him and either give him Temakador's Gauntlets or Helm of Fortune since a 2+ save isn't going to do it by itself.

Prince will be mounted so armor of caledor is a waste. I would suggest the following:
You can give the prince radiant gem, star lance, heavy armor, shield, barded steed. This gives you 15 pts to play with. Give him Bear's anger which he can cast on the BSB making your prince a threat in the magic phase.

BSB, if on foot:armor of caledor, halberd (str5 hits), 25pts to play with

For the second mage I would probably get a dispel scroll and ring of corin. I don't remember what the loremasters cloak is but if you want to maximize your output in the magic phase I would load up on bound items. So:
1st Level 2:Ring of Fury, silver wand
2nd Level 2:Ring of Corin and either Seer staff or a dispel scroll

Not sure if you have the points for this, I don't have the book with me. Altogether you would have 7PD with 2 bound items, giving you a better chance of getting off bear's anger.

Lion Chariots look great on paper, so if you have the points I would pick up at least one of these. Sorry I can't be more specific.

I would give the Champion in the dragon princes Amulet of Light (all attacks in unit magical), make them a threat against ethereals. That is the only item I could see using on a unit champion to be honest.

04-08-2009, 23:39
I think your point regarding the prince and noble is a brilliant one and I shall do that.
The mage all out offence might work better if i take 2 bolt throwers and swap out the war banner for the banner of sorcery as well as ring of fury for loremasters cloak, depending on how confident with the dice i'm feeling.....
What you think?