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08-01-2006, 04:48
Just moved back home where i know several guys that play WFB. I've been gone 6 years and need to get a 2k army assembled ASAP. Before I spend the cash was wanting some input on these 2 lists I've assembled.

General Scar Vet w/ GW, LA, Aura of Quetzl, Spawn of Quetzl and Tepok - 156
JSOD GW, LA, Jaguar, Spawn of Sotek and Tepok - 151
Skink priest (level 1) 2x Dispel - 115

12 skink skirmishers - 72
12 skink skirmishers - 72

19 Saurus w/ Music and STD (general goes here) - 246
20 Saurus w/ Full Cmd - 270

4 Terradon 140

3 Krox - 174
3 Krox - 174

Stegadon - 235
3 Sala - 195

total 2000 even


General Scar Vet w/ spawn of tepok & quetzl, GW, LA, Arua of Quetzl (156)
Scar Vet w/ spawn of sotek & quetzl, GW, LA, Jag Charm (146)
Skink Priest w/ Lev2, Diadem of power (135)
Skink Priest w/ Lev2, Dispell (125)

12 Skink w/ scout and blowpipe (84)
12 Skink w/ jav/shield (72)
12 Skink w/ jav/shield (72)

19 Saurus w/ Quetzl, Std, Mus (276)
20 Saurus w/ Quetzl, Std, Mus (288)
3 Krox (174)
3 Terradon (105)

1 Steg (235)
2 Sala (130)

1998 pts

Thanx in advance and any/all input is appreciated. I also thought of dropping 1 of the priests in the 2nd list and adding another unit of 12 skinks.

08-01-2006, 05:27
Both list look good, but I think the first will require a lot of finess to use. Units like kroxigor and terradons requitre that you be in the right place at the right time to charge.

The second list is a little more firgiving, since blocks of saurus with quetzl are hard as rock. That plus two beef saurus heros means you can lose one and the other can still deal out some nice damage. Also with two priest and the diadem of power (my best of choice in the lizardmen magic item list) will help you to dominate a non-magical army, or to counteract a strong one.

I guess what I'm getting at is I would use your second list, but that doesn't mean you should. Think about how you like to play WFB tatically then pic you list acoringly.

08-01-2006, 06:13
Both lists look quite good. In fact, there's not much of a power gap, so I'd probably take the second one just so you can get some spells off for fun. ;)

About the only point I'd make is that there's not much of a reason to take the Oldblood over another Scar-Vet - it's not like they boost Saurus leadership any higher.

A fully ranked Saurus block with a character in it is already dangerous enough - there's no reason to help your opponent steer clear of your more expensive character by making it your less mobile one.