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02-08-2009, 19:52
This is my 1999 list I have setup for this Sat, tell me what you think. I tried it out last night agenst a guy who took 3 stegadons. I massacared him, so i'm 1-0 so far!

The reason I'm taking so much poison is, last turny at this place there where 3 Ogre players out of 8 people. :wtf: Not to mention a guy who loves playing as may Stegadons as he owns.

Army Name: Skaven 1999 List

Special Notes
- 1999 points lists remove 1 rare choice and no lords, with only 3 heroes.


Hero 1: General Plague Priest: 114 pts
- Liber Bubonicus, extra hand weapon

Hero 2: Cheiftan : 145 pts
- BSB, with the Sacred standar of the Horned Rat (fear causing banner)

Hero 3: Warlock Engineer : 135 pts
- Full Warp loadout, Storm Daemon, Dispell scroll


Core 1: 30 Clan Rats w/command, no spears: 235 pts
- Ratling Gun

Core 2: 30 Clan Rats w/command, no spears: 235
- Ratling Gun

Core 3: 30 Clan Rats w/command, no spears: 235
- Ratling Gun

Core 4: 20 Slaves w/Muscian and paw leader(had 8 extra points) : 72 pts
- Shields

Core 5: 20 Slaves w/muscian : 64
- Shields

Core 6: 20 Slaves w/muscian : 64
- Shields

Core 7: 3 Rat Swarms : 195pts
- Poison Attacks


Special 1: 20 Plague Monks w/command : 210pts
- extra hand weapons, Magic banner (Battle banner)

Special 2: 5 Gutter Runners w/leader : 97 pts
- Poison Weapons, Tunnelling Team

Special 3: 5 Gutter Runners w/leader : 97 pts
- Poison Weapons, Tunnelling Team


Rare 1: Warp Lightning Cannon : 100pts

Army Total: 1998

02-08-2009, 20:01
i think that this list will get magiced to death. you don't have any defence exept 3 Despel dice and a scroll. i also noticed you have no shooting exept a pistol on your warlock, some ratling guns, and a cannon. I would take some jezzails to get some more fire power. I would also suggest droping the swarms. They suck up a whole lot of points that you could spend elsewhere. Another way to save some points would be to drop the shields on the slaves. they don't need it. slaves are there to die. But i would suggest taking a warlord, just for the leadership. it will really help out.

02-08-2009, 20:14
I can't take a warlord, its 1999 points. No lords.

Also i have 4 dispell dice. The bubonicus makes the plague priest a level 1 caster, even if he has no hope of ever getting off the 9+ casting level spell that comes with it.

So 4 dispell dice and a dispell scroll will be enuff to deal with max level 3 casters I will run into. Remember nobody else can take a lord either.

I don't win combats with shooting, I win with taking fewer losses than my opponet and winning with static combat resolution.

As far as the swarms go, last game I played with them, they ate a stegadon, also at this points level and having such a limited amount of specials I can take. I could trade in my swarms for say 20 clan rats and another ratling gun... but with 200 + rats on the battlefield any more units out there, I'm just going to be blocking myself. Better to have an effective expensive small unit, that is unbreakable so i can shore up a flank.

Jezzails arn't an effective use of points imo... 20 points for a 1 shot gun with a BS of 3... half of your Jezzails just flat out miss, they rarely pay for themselfs and are kinda one trick pony. Jezzails IMO are a red harring. Great on paper but sad on execution. But don't get me wrong they OWN! and I mean OWN cav... sadly not many people I play agenst have alot of Cav. and when they do show up.. the sure as hell stay away from the Jezzails.

03-08-2009, 20:46
not really. jezzails are for heavily armoured units. like, greatswords, or maybe grave guard with regen. their only purpose isn't cav. and i just thought that you were at 1999 points, i didn't know that was the points cap.

03-08-2009, 22:27
You can take a lord because youre playing in a 2000 pt game but youre army just doesnt actually make it to 2000. Besides, you could just move some points around to make it to 2000. I'd use Grey Seer but Im biased because I always use one at 2000 points. Its true that you have virtually no Magic defense though.

Drop the Rat Swarms, take the shields and the Pawleader off of the Slaves, and lastly drop all the champions in every unit. 10 points for a single WS3, S3 attack is paying through the nose.

That will free up a lot of points that should be put towards a Lord choice. Id go with a Grey Seer w/ Teneberous Cloak, and the Eye, but a Warlord with the Fellblade, h. armour, and the enchanted shield is also a good choice.

With any extra points Id go for as many Jezzials as you can fit. Small skirmishing units like vanilla 5-man Nightrunner units and 2-man Globadiers units are also incredibly useful.

05-08-2009, 21:47
I guess I should have made this clear. It is not a 2000 point game... its a 1999 point game.

IT IS A 1999pt TURNAMENT. NOT 2000.

As for magic defence.. i'm set with 4 dispell dice and 1 Dispell scroll. Honestly the biggest group of casters I'll run into is vampires and chaos.. and in both of those situations, extra 4+ dispell dice and 5 more dispell scrolls insn't going to help me. I can only take 3 Heroes. Max 50magic points per Hero.

With a 8 inch range globadiers will be shot and or charged right after thier first throw. Globadiers are also one of those units that looks great on paper but in aplication they kill themselfs more often they kill thier points value.

Not sure why everyone keeps saying to remove the poison rat swarms. in most combats its 10 attacks hitting on 4s, and 6s auto wound. With 5 wounds. They are amazing at taking down huge monsters. 3 bases of poison rats vs 1 gorger... the rats will win every time.

Why on earth would I take the shields off the slaves? With shields they have a 5+ save from the front. and at a points cost of 1 point per rat... thats a bargan. I don't expect them to live long ... but honestly 20 points? thats nothing.

05-08-2009, 21:54
Thats very odd that its a 1999 point tourney. Couldnt they have just made it a no-Lords tourney?

Anyway, Rat Swarms (of any kind) are no good because of the Unbreakable Swarm rule. Look into it.

As for the Globadiers, all I will say is this: If youre opponent charges a unit of Globadiers, theyre an idiot. Not only are they wasting a perfectly good charge on a super-cheap unit, theyre just asking to have their charge redirected.

05-08-2009, 22:03
it also reduces the amount of heros, special units and Rares you can take also. Look into it.

Please explain to me the Unbreakable swarm rule? I'm not charging them into fighting static combat resolution fights, only solos and other unbreakable units. Possibly a flank here and there.

They have been amazing every time I have played them. Convince me other wise.

05-08-2009, 22:11
Dal911.. you live in northern Cali you should come to the turnament, will be fun to see another skaven player.. its this Sat in monterey. Maybe I can steal some of your moves.

06-08-2009, 04:40
Haha tempting but Ive got plans and Monterey is about a 3 hour drive for me. I play in Santa Rosa and Petaluma mostly.

06-08-2009, 20:35
Haha tempting but Ive got plans and Monterey is about a 3 hour drive for me. I play in Santa Rosa and Petaluma mostly.

Well message me the next time you have a turny near you and I'll drive there. I don't know of any other places in california that holds Fantasy tournaments other than Monterey.