View Full Version : fast wood elves

The Blades of reason
02-08-2009, 22:21
having redone another list posted a long time ago here is current version, all c+c welcome

wild rider
stone of the crystalmere
elven steed 152pts

2x 5 wild riders
musician 130pts(each)

2x 5 glade riders
musician 129pts(each)

2x 8 dryads 96pts(each)

great eagle

02-08-2009, 23:30
Looks like fun.
I'd probably switch out a unit of glade riders for a unit of 10 glade guard, just to give the opponent something to run towards, and also because they would add so much to your shooting power.

But that would be straying from the 'fast' theme, so don't worry about it.
Good luck with it.

03-08-2009, 00:24
I'd try and get some points for a banner+warbanner on the wild rider unit that doesn't run with the noble to get them some punch

The Blades of reason
03-08-2009, 20:35
well main aim would be to get both wild rider units to charge same enemy unit

the gladeguard come in the 2000pt army