View Full Version : 1000pt Skaven List-any good?

Fall from grace
03-08-2009, 11:03
Have just started playing Skaven and would appreciate help from more experienced Warlords. Any advice appreciated.

Here's what I,ve been running at 1000pts, any changes welcome.

Army General.
Plague Priest w Plague Censer & Liber Bubonicus-126pts

Warlock Engineer w Warp-blades, condenser & accumulator-85pts

Warlock Engineer w Warp-blades, condenser & accumulator-85pts

Core Units

20 Clanrats w standard, musucian & Ratling Gun-175pts

12 Giant Rats w Packmasters-60pts

30 Slaves-60pts

Special Units

20 Plague Monks w full command, additional hand weapon & Banner of Burning Hatred-210pts

4 Rat Ogres w Packmasters-200pts

Total is 1001pts which is OK coz only for friendly games and we give a 10pt buffer.

Any thoughts on tactics and how best to expand would also be welcome.

Thanks in advance for your input.

03-08-2009, 18:02
heres what i see here is that you are trying to make really good units with buffered this and that which is a good strategy and i was mine but now a skaven army tends to be on the hord side so i would suggest maybe kicking a few heros off and a couple of your hardcore shock troops and replace with masses of clanrats slaves and maybe even stormvermin i also found that your army is a combat army with bad hero level skaven magic to create a good army with some exceptions it needs to be well rounded so you wont get creamed i suggest adding some sort of range weapon thats all lol

03-08-2009, 21:53
okay, I would drop the slaves down to 21, with a musician, drop the rat packs, the rat ogres, and add more units of slaves and clanrats. I would also suggest taking a bsb over the plauge preist because the reroll is really important. I would also recomend storm daemon on a warlock, it's 3 warplightnings a turn which is really good. and i'd maybe add in some gutter runners with tunneling and some jezzails if you would have the points.

04-08-2009, 07:01
Personally, I'm no big fan of liber bubonicus, and i would probably switch it to bands of power if i were you. With the +2 from the censer that gives you strength 10 in the first round of combat (ouch), and it should be quite easy to get it off since you have loads of lightning for the enemy to dispel. Especially if you add in storm deamon as suggested.

Then I would drop the giant rats and ogres, upgrade the current clanrat regiment to 25 since you need a bit of buffer for shooting casualties, add another 25 clanrats and another unit of slaves. You could also downgrade the slave unit as well since 30 is a bit too many in a unit in my opinion. The slaves are only there to die and absorb casualties, so 20 should be enough.

That would give you a whole lot more bodies and still leave you a few points spare t play around with :)