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03-08-2009, 16:16
not having played much at this point level, i would like some opinions on how a list like this might fare in the fantasy 'ard boyz tourney:

savage orc warboss - 311
chariot, light armor, shield, ironclaw's cleava

black orc warboss - 278
boar, heavy armor, shield, battleaxe of the last waaagh!

savage orc big boss - 174
chariot, light armor, shield, martog's best basha

orc big boss - 163
bsb, boar, light armor, mork's spirit totem

night goblin shaman - 100
staff of sneaky stealin

night goblin shaman - 100
dispel scroll x2
---------------------------------1126 (37.6%)

28 orc warriors - 198
shields, full command (blorc warboss)

28 orc warriors - 198
shields, full command (bsb)

18 orc warriors - 238
biguns, extra choppa, standard, musician, nogg's banner of butchery

21 night goblins - 67
bows, musician

21 night goblins - 67
bows, musician

5 spider riders - 76
bows, musician
---------------------------------844 (28.2%)

boar chariot - 80

boar chariot - 80

boar chariot - 80

15 black orcs - 253
shields, standard, musician, warbanner

2 spear chuckas - 70
---------------------------------563 (18.8%)

2 pump wagons - 80

3 river trolls - 180

giant - 205
---------------------------------465 (15.5%)

2998 points
14 deployments before chars
4PD (lol), 8DD + -1EnemyPD, 2 d.scrolls

7 chariots, 2 anvils, 2 hammers, mild shooting, mild fanatic bluff. my rares are limited by what i have, which is 2 pump wagons, 1 giant, and 3 trolls. i know giants work better in pairs, but i don't have another one :p so 3 trolls will have to suffice.

the idea is to make the chariot warboss the general, so he can buff the other chariot's ld (i have a hard time getting orc chariots to charge fear causers), load 1 flank with the 5 boar chariots and trolls, leaving the pump wagons and giant to support the 4 infantry blocks in the center, stretching towards the other flank. the shamen will be hiding under rocks and up in trees.

heavy magic and heavy cannon lists will be the biggest problems, i know already (they are also probably going to be the most common lists, doh!). 8DD and 2 scrolls aren't going to dent the offense of 16PD lists, so i tried to insulate the infantry blocks with numbers a bit.

otherwise, does this seem like a reasonable battle plan?
as always, thank you in advance for your opinions & advices :)

Dooks Dizzo
03-08-2009, 16:45
To be honest...I like it.

You're actually going to be walking through the door with a bit of an advantage. No one expects to see O's & G's at the 'ard Boyz.

You've also got a ******** TON of models on the table. Most people won't be counting on having to deal with that!

03-08-2009, 20:08
Good list. And like what dooks said, no one will see it coming.

03-08-2009, 22:09
id love to see those chariots working that flank, man what a sight if you got the charges. that will soften up the toughest of flanks. By the way are giants worth there points?

03-08-2009, 23:18
I like your list, the only thing is I would always take Fanatics, and the Banner of Butchery in a good-sized unit of Boar Boyz is very good. But that's just personal preference. But I think its a pretty good list. And don't forget, you'll be getting more PD and DD when your Boyz get stuck in... unless they got rid of that rule, I don't have the book in front of me.

06-08-2009, 19:08
You mention 4 infantry blocks in the center, but you have a total of 6 infantry blocks.

Who's in the center and where are the other 2 blocks?