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03-08-2009, 19:14
i am convetring and army to be frog men based off of the beast of chaos rule book here's the army please feel free to critisize and correct:D

110 wargor slaughterer's blade chaos armour
131 bray shaman lvl1 dispell scrollx2 braystaff
110 wargor crown of horns enchanted shield chaos armour

85 tuskgor chariot
85 tuskgor chariot
112 beast herd 8 gor 9 ungor foerender
112 beast herd 8 gor 9 ungor
283 bestigor 19 full command gorge banner

100 centigors throwing axes
129 miotaurs 3 light armour great weapons
181 chaos ogres 5 heavy armour shields

60 spawn


03-08-2009, 19:29
you guys hate beast of chaos or something

03-08-2009, 19:50
Woah, woah, woah.
Let's take a look at this:
Those two Bray-Shaman's at Lvl 2 don't make much sense.
You could kick 'em back down to Lvl 1, take off the dispel scrolls on one, and save 120 points. Give one the Staff of Darkoth, and a Power Stone, whatever, but you don't need 4 Dispel Scrolls.

That Shaggoth? Get rid of it, no joke, it's wasting a lot of points on A creature. You'll want to get some more Beast Herds. (I would personally take that Fleshbanner off the Bestigor Herd, give 'em a Gore Banner, or give the Bestigors a MoS, and make them ItP.)

Now, if you want to get rid of those Centigor's.
I'd get another unit of 5 'Hounds, and get some units of Mino's. (4 Strong Mino's.) Also, I'd get rid of a shaman replace it with a Wargor, and give THAT Wargor a Crown of Horns and Enchanted Shield.

Remember, you're the BoC, and you have VERY fragile guys. Get a bigger block of Bestigor's, because those 10 will be dropped like flies. (A 17-19 strong block of Slaangors should work out well.)

Just, uh, a little bit of C&C from me.