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04-08-2009, 09:44
Ok so i got the army from the new "starter kit" with all them goblins and bumped it up a nothc with some orcs. This is my current list.

Black Orc Big Boss - Biggeds kickin boots, enchanted shield - 134 points

Orc Big Boss BSB - Morks spirit totem - 113 points

NG Shaman lvl2 - Dispell scroll, 2x Magic Mushroom - 130 points

19 Boyz dubble choppas, Big 'Unz - Gorks waaagh! banner - 239 points

19 Boyz choppa and shield - 125 points

20 Night gobbos spears (only musician), 1x fanatic - 109 points

20 Night gobbos spears (only musician), 1x fanatic - 109 points

20 Night gobbos bows (only musician), 1x fanatic - 89 points

10 Spider Riders Spears and shields - 160 points

6 Squig hoppers - 90 points

1 Troll - 40 points

TOTAL - 1338 points

Ok so i have ALOT of infantry, and i still want that, cause those units, even though mine aint THAT big, block of large parts of the field and easely outnumber anything. The squighoppers, i dunno hehe, i will replace them for Black orcs.

My plan with this is to "trash" the hoppers, and make my special choices 20 Black orcs, 2 Chukkas and 1 Lobba. Then im not sure on the Rare choice. Bump up the troll unit from 1 to 6, get a doom diver, or a giant. The giant would be great to divert some enemy missile fire from my weak infantry blocks, though the doom diver could (with some skill on my behalf and luck on the dices) destroy warmachines. The trolls are hard hitting, but i dont think people see them as much as a threat as a giant, since they are stupid and are easely broken if they dont have some kind of leadership boost, or if they get seperated from the rest of my force.

What do you guys think of my plans? i know my current list is not an example of decisiveness, hehe. :D

04-08-2009, 13:42
you're on the right track, but...

your fast cav is silly. make it 1-2 groups of 5 with musician. spears & shields are standard and don't cost anything extra. only bows cost extra

20 blorcs is a big points sink. you don't need more than 10-12 imo, 15 is pushin it under 2k.

get those boyz blocks up to 23

give your speargobs netters

put your characters on boars

6 trolls is too many. you don't need more than 4, and you should make them river trolls if you take them (4 rivers costs the same as 6 regs)

1 giant is okay, but giants are better in pairs or with a wyvern warboss (but you're not going to 2k are you?). remember units use full ranks to shoot at large targets, so your giant might just be taking 20 shots instead of 5

doom divers are good, but assuming you stay under 2k, i think the best rare choice would be the trolls, since you already have a lobba and 2 chuckas.

04-08-2009, 17:00
Firstly I would re-write your list to a 1000 pt list, a 1338pt list is neither here nor there! Plus it gets you really thinking about how to put the Orcs & Goblins together. As for your future plans....
1) get the spear units upto 30 strong each (1 box of Night Goblins) and make some netter models too
2) Dont get 6 trolls, 3-4 is more than enough. Stone Trolls or River Trolls are pretty amazing actually, Stone as they have armour saves & magic resistance - but that works against you when you try to 'Hand of Gork' them so River Trolls are a good bet too.
3) Doomdiver is amazing, as are rock lobbas, spear chuckas are so-so but still good 2 take 2.
4) Why you going to trash the excellent hoppers? Dont forget 2 spear chuckas count as ONE CHOICE so with black orcs, 2 chuckas, a lobba, and hoppers you still got 4 special choices.
5) Bulk up the Orc Boyz to 25 per unit - they need the extra boyz to keep their static res going, with toughness 4 they are somewhat resiliant but the extra boyz are a must! You might want to think about using some of the boyz as orc bullies to help keep your warmachines from failing leadership tests.
6) Drop spiders into 2 5 man units, ideally 6 in a unit, with bows/musicians
7) Consider adding some wolf riders to the horder - a box gets you enough for 2 units of 5 - you can never have enough fast cav units!

04-08-2009, 19:31
Ok, frst of all, the troll thing seems rather wise, as it would be a pain if a 200point model AKA giant fell from one shooting phase, especially if i get alot of squabbles. The reason my Black Orc Big Boss is on foot is that the warboss kit only gave me one boar. do they sell boars as bits on GW.com?

THe part of seperating my spiderriders to two units, great idea indeed. Though its a pain to me to have to say its from the starter kit were i couldnt choose bows. I hate saying at the beginning that my gobbos has a bow but we can all see hes carrying a spear.

I can totally see the bumping up the Boyz bit aswell, as a volley on units this thin easely makes them take panic tests.

Im not that experienced so ill see how it all works out. I am eventually aiming for 2k. But yeah, i may have to redo a 1k list for now. By the way is it worth the points for giving my speargobbos nets? I guess that would be great when i think about it. Orcs normal toughness of 4 and having nets on the enemies makes for a hard to wound core unit.

And yeah, i have used my hoppers rather unwise i must add. Im going to try to have em hopping around my rear until they can flank something next battles to come. They are good pointsworth if they charge. 2 attacks per model at strenght 5 with WS 4 is great as a CR booster.

One thing, is it worth taking chariots if i dont have any boar boyz? or is that purely for shocktroop oriented armies?

05-08-2009, 13:34
chariots are good, they don't need/rely on boar boyz at all.
5 plastic boar models come in a $5 box from gamesworkshop.com

they are the regular plastic boars that chariots and boar boyz use

05-08-2009, 17:40
oh ok. its a thinker for sure, heheh.
Oh nice, maybe i shouldve just gone to gw.com to check instead i had you do it. Sorry for using you, hehe

Thanks for the advice though