View Full Version : 2000pt Necharchs for match.

08-01-2006, 16:47
Later on today I will be facing a friend of mine who plays skaven. I haven't played him in some time but from what I know about his army, its all based around clan eshin and pestilens. He uses some moulder stuff(mainly ogres) but refuses to uses skryre.

The thing that really confuses me with his army is his lack of magic, only two engineers, this is why im going to enjoy playing against his army with my new necharch vamps.

His list usually consists in 2k of...

warlock with a bunch of goodies, general.
2x engineers-mildly kitted out
1x assassin or 1x(the clan pestilens hero with a liber bubonicus if he wants some more magic)

2x clanrats, 25 each i believe, full command
1x slaves-40 I believe, full command
2x units of 15? night runners
1x unit of 5 plague rat swarms
1x unit of 5 swarms of giant rats
1x unit of 20 plague monks(pestilens character in here)
1x big unit of rat ogres(around 6-9 ogres in total)
1x unit of gutter runners digging teams)
1x big unit of censor bearers

The details are kinda lame but thats the general army give or take.

This is the army that I will be wielding.


1x Necharch Vampire Lord-General.
-Level 3 Upgrade
-Ring of the night
-the awakening
-nehekara's noble blood-Considering switching it out.

1x Necromancer-Lv.2
-Book of Arkhan
-Dispel Scroll
1x Wight Lord-leads the grave guard
-Sword of Kings
-Heavy Armor
-Enchanted Shield

1x 25 skeletons-HW, full command-Necromancer in here

1x 25 skeletons-Spears, full command-Necharch in here or on his own

1x 7 Ghouls+1x Ghast

1x 8 Ghouls+1x Ghast

2x 7 Dire Wolves+1x Doom Wolf

1x 5 dire wolves+1x doom wolf

1x 5 Fell Bats

1x 20 Grave Guard-Full Command, HW+Shields, Banner of the Barrows-Wight Lord in here

The basic idea is to have the grave guard anchor the middle, skeletons lfanking them. The flanks are protected by the wolves and fell bats, the bats can go war machine or lone wizard hunting if necessary.

Another basic idea-Raise alot of skeletons on each turn and abuse the magic phase.

Any comments?