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04-08-2009, 19:34
This is a fun list not a competitive one but any help would be appreciated as i'm struggling writing a list but here it is anyway

Lord, shield, MoN, barded stead, stream of corruption, bloodcurdling roar, chaos daemonsword, helm of many eyes =404

5x5 marauder horsemen, MoN, flails, champion=585

3x5 chaos nights, MoN, full command=840

war shrine, MoN= 160


i'm 11 points under and don't know what to do with them but i will admit i have no magic defence :cries:

04-08-2009, 20:17
I wouldn't bother with bloodcurdling roar or stream of corruption. Your lord is a meleedude, his chargerange is 14", roars range is 12" and streams range is even shorter, if he can use either he's already in melee and thus can't use them.

I'd skp the daemonsword. You're almost certain to give the opponent half points for your lord if he survives the battle at all. Imo there's stuff that gives better milage, such as the runesword, axe of khorne (a personal favourite) or filthmace (more terror is always good).

Don't bother with champions in your groups. It's a horrible price to pay for 1 extra attack. Give your horsemen a musician, it helps with baiting.

04-08-2009, 21:12
Ok only prob I see for you is magic. Yes your list moves quick and hits hard but with only two Dispel Dice....it may end in tradegy. Other than that pray for armies that dont use any guess range weapons or Terror bombs cause that could cause trouble too.

05-08-2009, 04:58
drop the shrine and trade the daemon sword for the runesword drop all champions and take a level 1 nurgle sorc with 2 scrolls on a barded steed. buboes snipe and scroll caddy all in one! or spend points make him a level 2 with some gear up to you