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04-08-2009, 23:57
This is a list I submitted for an upcoming tourney and based on the units I would like some general advice on how to play it. Im not trying to powergame with the lizzies. I want a nice, balanced, fun to play (and against) list that can take all comers. Do you think I have succeeded? Any glaring weaknesses? What do you think it can do well?
Thanks for any and all imput...:)

10 skink skirmishers with blowpipes 70 points
10 skink skirmishers with blowpipes 70 points
10 skink skirmishers with blowpipes 70 points
18 saurus with hand weapons and shields, spears, full command 248 points
16 skinks with Javelins and shields, musician, 2 Kroxigors 196 points
654 in core
14 temple guard with halberds, hand weapons, light armor/shields, full command
War banner+25 284 points
3 Terradon Riders 90 points
Stegadon 235 points
6 Chameleon Skinks 72 points
681 in special
1 Salamander hunting pack with 3 skink handlers 75 points
1 Salamander hunting pack with 4 skink handlers 80 points
155 in rare

Lords and Heros:

Lord Chubbawhubba-High Priest of Huatl 275

4th level wizard, battle standard bearer+25.
3 disciplines+100: Focus of Mystery, The Becalming Agitation, The Focused Rumination.
Magic items: +15 bane head(enchanted), power stone +20, cupped hands of old ones (arcane) +45 .
480 points
Saurus Scar-vet +85, Light armor+5, Spear +4, enchanted shield(common)+15,
Venom of Firefly Frog +10. Cold one mount+20. 139 points

Skink Priest +65,+35 2nd level, Cube of Darkness+40. 140 points

759 in lords & heroes

Total: 2249

05-08-2009, 00:00
i like it i'm just sad theres no coldones but they don't really fit with the rest of yuor army anyways

05-08-2009, 00:11
i like it i'm just sad theres no coldones but they don't really fit with the rest of yuor army anyways

why do not you think they would fit? Does this list lend itself to certain tactics in which CO's would be ill suited to find a niche?

05-08-2009, 01:26
i like it, though i would recommend dropping one skink unit for a 4th terradon and maybe get 2 more TG.

reason being terradons are usually a fairly high priority target, and die easily, so if you have 3 and loose 1 your down to a pretty weak combat unit with a fairly weak rock attack. but with 4 it gives you alot more punch and loosing one wont be so bad if it happens.

also 16 TG should give you full rank bonus with the slann in there if you go 5 wide.

also the spear on the scar vet isnt doin you any good. either drop it and go hand weapon for a solid armor save or grab a cheap sword of might for str 6. or if you really wanna bust something in the face go with a GW. you can always choose to use a HW/shield if youd rather have a better armor save anyways.

also the cube of darkness is kinda blah to me. the slann can shut down a magic phase pretty well alone, let alone spend 40 points for something that MIGHT shut one down too. if your hard up for points id look here for them, or if your good leave it as it is.

best of luck to you bro! you should score well on comp if there is any with no EOTG and no war-spear steg.

05-08-2009, 01:57
List looks good to me for the most part but I have a few suggestions. Get rid of the cube of darkness for a dispel scroll and something else for the priest or maybe the burning blade of chotec on the scar vet. A fourth terradon would probably help a lot and 16 TG like eulogy2 suggested.

I'd say it would be fun to play as and against and voted on the first option in the poll. ;)

05-08-2009, 04:20
I should have posted this earlier!-Before I submitted the list! Eulogy always helps me tweak my list-lol-You were instrumental to my success last tourney buddy.

The cube of darkness saved my butt against VC last tourney, and I think it worked 4 out of 5 times-I guess its just muscle memory at this point-Ive had good experiences with it.

Yeah I agree that the scar-vet aint optimized still, but as long as he gets the charge off he will be strg 6 for at least one round-I just didnt have the points for anything more. FFly Venom helps bigtime when the poison works-I wounded heros/lords I really had no business damaging at QCR due to it. The prob with GW (I used it last tourney) is then no shield, only +1 strg mounted, and strikes last, so thats out unless I make a future build with a scar-vet on foot. I thought about the halberd, but those measly +2 or so points it is over the spear broke the bank.

The most useless unit I had last tourney were the terradons. It wasnt their fault mind you-I played them liketotal pooh. I never used them right. I prob will add more of them to my army at a future date, but only until I know how to use them properly. I plan this tourney to go for a bombing run early and then concentrate on using them as march blockers and charge baiters-To be real agressive with them. So I doubt they are going to survive much anyway!

When I shaved the 4th dicipline off of the slann and took away one of his power stones it was for the distinct puropse to generate a better comp score and of adding some chameleon skinks. A unit of meleons alongwith properly played Terries would havbe gone a loooong way in rectifying the mistakes I made in my one loss at QCR to that Ogre Kingdom list-who outmanuvered me. Plus Im gonna convert meleons using reg skinks and green stuff- I think they will look better than the ones you can buy at the store-Its sort of a hobby motivated move, and I have never ever used them. Thats my project over the next 2 weeks...
+I always want to try something new-Im still a noob 7th edition Lizardmen and I need to find out what works for me.

Its too bad the list is locked, but what would you guys look to do tactics wise with the list as it stands?

And of course I will provide full batreps on each battle at S.A.W.S on my batrep thread.

05-08-2009, 14:08
somehow i completely missed the cold one mount for the scar vet. id drop the enchanted shield, go with a sword of might and LA and shield. that should be a 1+ armor save which should get you past most things left standing and give you str 6 in all combats for about the same price.

terradons are a bit tricky to learn, but when used right they are by far my favorite unit. landing and flying through woods is amazing and they really **** off all my opponents. try to get them behind thier lines asap(usually your turn 2 as first turn they fly forward into heavy cover in the middle somewhere). drop rocks on fast calvary or if your opponent is dumb enough to have a lone character somewhere. ive even had luck busting chariots with the damn things, though not recommended. other than that march block anything you want to ignore for a bit such as war hydras or what not and when you need it, its easy to rear charge something that your saurus have tied up already.

06-08-2009, 00:04
terradons are a bit tricky to learn

Tell me about it! They are very tactical. I used your trick to lure fanatics out with them last game (I havent posted that batrep yet but will soon) and it worked great....for the rest of my army anyways!

06-08-2009, 14:09
dont forget they have javelins as well and can shoot with a 360 degree LOS.

11-08-2009, 15:12
What should this list do well? Do think it has enough magic defense?

11-08-2009, 17:51
Magic offense is so so. Slann is nice, but don;t really expect anything from the priest.
Defense is ok, but not great. 5 DD, a scroll and Becalming Cogitation will take the edge of magic phases, but anyone really investing in it will blast you away.

You don't need full command in the saurus units. Standard and musician is fine, will save you 26pts . Spend 21pts upgrading your scar vet to the standard piranha tank build (light armour, enc shield, cold one, piranha blade). Leaves you 6pts (probably extra sally handler?).

Tbh the skink priest with cube of darkness is very meh. Yeah, it could work and shut down their magic phase, but its a bad thing to rely on it. Scroll and Plaque of Tepok is the same points and increases the likelihood of your skink priest knowing something decent, so he can suck dispel dice away. Or 2 scrolls/scroll and diadem for magic defense.

Chameleon skinks are definitely not worth it. Terradons are considerably better - march block from turn 1, drop rocks and charge redirection with fast cav. Ok, they're also 28pts more, but such is life.

14-08-2009, 02:08
My only thing is the Focus of Mystery. It's 50 points when you could take the Plaque of Tepok for 15 and get 5 of the 6 spells in any lore. To me, this just seems more efficient.