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mrs c
08-01-2006, 18:32

OK, so Ive looked through the previous posts, but they make as much sense to me as chinese means to a frenchman.

Basically, I'm doing a Wood Elves army to paint up and then put on eBay. So I want something basic but with all the core troops etc to make a playable 2000 pt army.

I've had a gander at the army book, and my female brain couldn't understand half of it (I don't get the additional points for this and that - well I get it but I don't know where to start), so I was hoping you guys could explain in laymans terms for me... or just tell me what I need to buy would be good too

I've bought the 50 box set, 5 Wild riders and a mounted Lord as a starter, but here's what I'd like to have at the end. Can someone tell me if this is feasible, or a decent list please??? I;ve put on the basic pts per figure, but no doubt I've got it wrong

OK here goes...

Lord = Mounted Lord 163

Heroes = 3 x Spellsingers 270

Core = 12 x Glade Guard 144
8 x Glade Riders 192
12 x Dryads 144

Special = 10 x Wardancers 180
5 x Wildriders 130
3 x Warhawk Riders 120

Rare = 1 x Treeman 285
10 x Waywatchers 240

Total = 1868

I figured that with extra pointage for magic, weapons, spells etc, it would bring it up to near enough 2000 points??? Or should it be 2000 points for just the basic figures? Oh my God, I'm so crap. It's a good job I don't play - my opponent would be pulling his hair out!!

Anyway, as I said, I'm a noob so all help would be much appreciated!!

Cheers guys
Dawn xx

08-01-2006, 19:59
Seems OK as a list that encompasses all the different troop types.

The Spellsingers would probably in a "proper" army be upgraded to level 2, so they'd be 345(?) altogether, and then you'd have any magic items added on.

Since its just an army that's going to be sold on eBay, it doesn't really matter, as whoever buys it will have their own preferences. The most important thing it that it includes all (most) of the different troop types.

13-01-2006, 14:09
Using the models you've got I'd make this list:

Lvl 4 Spellweaver, wand of wych elm, scroll - 355

Wild rider nobe,spear of twilight - 152 (IIRC)
Lvl 2 Spellsinger, ranu's heartsone - 150
Lvl 2 Spellsinger, deepwood sphere - 150

8 dryads - 96
5 glade riders, musician - 129
12 glade guard - 144
6 Scouts - 102

5 Wild riders (full command) - 166
3 warhawks - 120
8 Wardancers - 144

Treeman - 285

1993 points.

For more advice i'd follow the link in my sig (and to reach a greater potential buying audience...)