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Sarah S
05-08-2009, 04:17
Here's a little something I've been cooking up for a coming tournament in September.

The only magic is Festus. Explanations and pathetic justifications to follow list.

Chaos Lord of Tzeentch 730
Daemon Sword
Collar of Khorne
Word of Agony

Chaos Lord of Nurgle 405
Rapier of Ecstasy
Armour of Damnation
Favour of the Gods
Soporific Musk

Exalted Hero of Tzeentch BSB 299
Banner of the Gods

Exalted Hero of Tzeentch 190
Sword of Might
Enchanted Shield
Talisman of Protection

Festus 185

20 Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch 405
Additional Hand Weapons
Full Command
Banner of Rage

16 Warriors of Nurgle 336
Full Command
Rapturous Standard

5 Marauder Horsemen 65

5 Marauder Horsemen 65

5 Chaos Knights 200

5 Chosen of Tzeentch 120
Additional Hand Weapons

So time to justify my odd assortment of stuff.

Festus and the Nurgle Lord go in the Frenzied deathstar. With a 4+ armour, 5+ regen and 6+ ward, we're looking at some durability, and with 4 poisoned attacks each for rank and file models, it dishes out the pain.

The Rapier of Ecstasy may seem like a gimp choice, but with 6 attacks (+1 from Frenzy banner), because it kills stuff based on the number of hits inflicted, it actually has amazing chances to kill most things in the game in a single turn of attacks. I dare a PoK Dreadlord to charge that unit for example (80% chance to kill him in one turn - wouldn't that surprise them ;)).

The Dragon rider dishes out 6-10 attacks at Strength 6-8, the dragon dishes out another 6 attacks and then there's D6 extra hits from Word of Agony. About the only thing I don't fancy my chances against with this guy would be a Bloodthirster or GUO - but I bet I can mulch units (and myself) faster than them. Sure I hit myself, but those who truck with Chaos pay the price. I am a tiny bit hesitant about the Daemon Sword. I just don't know anything that can hit as hard, and without magic I need all the hard hitting stuff I have. I would take the Fellblade if I could.

The BSB goes where needed, providing Stubborn where necessary - or if needed (and I almost think it will always be needed) he can team up with the rest of the flying circus and hunt wizards. Between the Dragon and the two exalteds, I don't expect many wizards to survive for very long (if only I can survive long enough to get at them!).

So the infantry marches up, the flying stuff flies around, and I generally get pasted with 3000 points of magic until I kill the wizards dead. If they don't put both my Lords down and wipe the deathstar before I can hit combat then I think I can win against just about anything.

Even down those two, if the rest of my army is Stubborn from the BSB, I'm still in good shape.

Just as long as I can reach combat.

Oh, and the Chosen are in the list just because I have a unit composed of:
Limited Edition Archaon on Foot
Harry the Hammer
Avatars of War Chaos Lord
Wolfrik the Wanderer
the new Khorne hero on foot minus all his iconography

I think I spent more dollars on that unit than points. So it stays. :)

I am playing a dry run against 3000 points of Vampires tomorrow, likely with Vlad, almost certainly with a ton of dice.

If any army can push my concept to the limits it would be that.

05-08-2009, 04:57
I love the list, if simply for the fact that your Tzeentch lord is riding a Dagron, and everyone knows that Dagrons are superior to simple Dragons. Exponentially so. He seems quite ready for fighting, or a challenge.

Also, the character unit is awesome. My Dragon Prince unit is made entirely of various High Elf Lord models, and it attracts some curious glances in my army box...I'd love to see the reaction to that one.

05-08-2009, 05:51
I actually have the same problem. I have all these painted Chaos heroes on foot, but I hate the idea of buying fighty-chaos-heroes.

Maybe I should just make a chosen unit like that...

Sarah S
06-08-2009, 03:39
Well I had the game against the Vampires - but he didn't have the 3000 point uber magic list I was expecting.

He had a number of units of 20 Ghouls, a unit of Zombies, a two or three units of Bats, 2 Varghulfs and a Wolfstar. The Wolfstar was 15 Dire Wolves with champion joined by a mounted Vampire and a mounted Wight King BSB with Regen Banner.

He also had a Necromancer, a Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon and a flying Vampire Lord on a horse (the Vampire flew with a regular Nightmare in tow) carrying a suspicious lance (good thing I specifically asked about his WYSIWYG equipment...).

Everything went exactly opposite to plan. I lost a unit of Marauder Cav to the bats, the Wolfstar flung itself forward to charge the Nurgle Warriors, who successfully fled away, leaving the Wolves an inch in front of my Dragron. My frenzied Deathstar was in perfect position for a flank charge on the Wolfstar until my Chaos Knights, fleeing from a Van Hels charged Zombie Dragon Lord (who would have broken the Knights and then ran into the Frenzied unit) fled just into the most awkward spot imaginable. The Zombie Dragon was to the Frenzied unit's left, the Wolfstar to the right, the Knights just in the middle, just close enough so that a wheel to either enemy would be impossible!

Figuring that the angle was bad news for the Frenzied unit, I cunningly charged Mr. Dagron into the front of the Wolfstar. Unfortunately he had moved a unit of bats into the way so I could only clip the unit - I should have tactically charged the bats and then just overran into the Wolves, but I didn't consider them even a threat worth dealing with. Big mistake - a bigger one was to come.

It turned out that the Frenzied unit couldn't charge either enemy, so the stupid Nurgle Lord (frenzied stupid Nurgle Lord) charged out of his unit and into the flank of the Wolves. I put him on a Palanquin to prevent that sort of garbage from happening!

Meanwhile my 2 Heroes on Discs charged into a unit of Ghouls and handily dealt with them.

In the combat phase, I stupidly issued a challenge with the Nurgle Lord, which meant that since the Vampire that accepted the challenge was the only model the Dagron Lord was touching (because of the stupid clip charge) then neither he nor his Dagron would be able to fight.

To add insult to stupid injury the Nurgle guy failed completely to hurt his opponent, taking a wound in return! I lost combat by 3 but passed both tests.

However from here, things turned totally in my favour. The only thing that went his way from here was Winds of Undeath which ended up killing a bunch of my guys, reducing both Tzeentch Heroes to 1 Wound by the end of the game, and summoning a ton of Ghosts.

The Vampire in the challenge failed 4 of his Strength tests (on a 6) next turn (I rolled an 11 on the Eye of the Gods table and turned it into a 12!), the Dragon Lord killed half a dozen wolves, even a charge from his Dreadlance guy (who killed the Dagron, but left Mr. Dagron - who promptly killed him back) could not turn the tide. My heroes just mulched his units faster than he could raise them, even though I was flanked and outnumbered, the kills were so high in my favour that nothing could hold back the tide.

The Frenzied warriors shredded a full unit of Ghouls in a turn, a Varghulf the next and were working their way through his Dragon Lord at the end of the game.

End result - Massacre in my favour. Who needs magic when you fight this hard?
I basically had nothing to do with this victory. My plan went totally askew and I made several bone-headed decisions that really could have cost me. Despite all this, my fighty guys just kept fighting and fought their way to a win.

06-08-2009, 04:43
Well I always feel a little bad winning that kind of game, it's really nice to know your list is just that rock hard. One of the wonderful things about Chaos Lords....

Helps that he didn't go uber-magic though. Vamp Lords can stomp most anything BUT a Chaos Lord, and it hurts them when they're suddenly trying to outfight Warriors....

How'd the mighty Chosen do by the way?

Sarah S
06-08-2009, 04:52
The Chosen lost 4 models to Wind of Undeath over the course of the game, and the remaining guy was about to throw himself against some Bats.

I am still a little concerned about the Daemonsword. It rolled off the hook - well kind of.

It was pathetic for the extra attacks and strength. I didn't roll more than 2 extra attacks, and the extra Strength didn't mean anything for my enemy, as I was fighting Regenerating Dire Wolves. All it did was modify my armour save more when I hit myself. I did only hit myself once over 5 combat phases (could have been 6 if I wasn't stupid), but my Ward got it.

I can't imagine it will be that kind to me in the future, but I also don't imagine it will be that useless either...

I have been thinking of changing it out for the Hellfire blade, but I just don't know if I can handle having only S5. It would have been useful this game, but how many T3 Regenerating deathstars with no save will I come up against? Nothing hits quite as hard as the Daemonsword, even if it occasionally hits back...

Brother J
06-08-2009, 15:41
Strength 5 isn't something to scoff at. The fact that you're wounding your own warriors on 3+ with S5 helps. There isn't an incredible abundance of things that have that much higher of a toughness, and -2 to armour save is decent enough.

Though I play against Dark Elves almost constantly I've taken into consideration other armies as well. If you're a bit worried about the Daemonsword, I would suggest the Runesword. +1 WS +1 S +1 A isn't bad at all, especially if you like your chaos lords. (Nurgle for the win?) and it keeps you from killing yourself (I really only thought I'd ever be saying that about Archaon.)

Dooks Dizzo
06-08-2009, 16:07
Games like that should help you out quite a bit in the tournament. You made a lot of bad decisions that you won't make when it comes to game time.

Impressive win, it really sounded like the end was near for you there at the begining.