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bork da basher
05-08-2009, 08:06
more for the modelling prospects than anything else but would this be a decent list, i know nurgle lists are kind of one trick ponies but hey ho. any advice?

Great unclean one / lvl 2, trappings of nurgle, slime trail / 545
Epidemius / 135
Herald of nurgle / BSB, slime trail, palanquin / 200
Herald of nurgle / slime trail, palanquin / 175

14 plaguebearers / 168
14 plaguebearers / standard / 180
14 plaguebearers / standard / 180
5 furies / 60
5 furies / 60

3 beasts of nurgle / 300


05-08-2009, 21:51
Looks like a pretty decent list. I usually always like to make my GD's lvl. 4 wizards but I can see why you wouldnt splurge to that degree since its only a 2000 point list.

The main thing Im noticing though is the complete lack of Nurglings! These little pusbags become very powerful as the Tally gets higher, plus theyre a perfect screen for a GUO! On that note, Nurgling Infestation is IMO the best Daemonic Gift you can give a GUO.

Hope this helps!

05-08-2009, 22:10
I agree, looks like a decent list, could probably take on most things and give them a run.

Think you'll suffer against magic heavy armies, but theres not really anything you can do with the nurgle stuff to stop that.

If you think you'll be facing dragons and hard lordsn then I'd not leave home without the balesword. Kills germs dead.

Good luck.

06-08-2009, 06:06
personally i'd drop a beast in place for 3 bases of nurglings
I would drop another beast to get my hands on bannors for the plauge bearers, and boost their command options
that would give me tricksy core units, nurglings (who are amazing), and more command for the units that shelter your heralds from scary challenges - for the times when you really dont want to face that fire wielding manic!

06-08-2009, 09:16
epidemius lists scream buckets of power dice imo. casting on a min. value of 8 with 1 dice? yes please! id bump the GUO to lv 4 and make both heralds lv 1s.

also i cant remember if epidemius buffs poison, but i think he does. and if so, the 'poison kills count as double CR' banner for plaguebearers is invaluable.

lastly im a big fan of noxious vapours.

bork da basher
06-08-2009, 09:19
can't get 2000pts to work for me so upped it to 2250 which is just as common to play amongst my group. taken your advice and upped the GUO to a lvl 4, i didn't realise just how spectactular nurgle magic can be with epidemius. nurgling infestation is a good idea and will give him a measure of protection from getting charged when i don't want him to. both my heralds are upgraded to lvl 1's. gave epidemius unit the banner that gives CR for each poisoned wound as they don't have regen and will need a little extra help in CC. rest is the same.

Great unclean one / lvl 4, trappings of nurgle, nurgling infestation / 670

Epidemius / 135
Herald of nurgle / lvl 1, slime trail, palanquin / 225
Herald of nurgle / lvl 1, slime trail, palanquin / 275

14 plaguebearers / standard / 180 (herald)
14 plaguebearers / standard / 180 (herald)
14 plaguebearers / standard & champion, icon of eternal virulence / 217 (epidemius)
5 furies / 60
5 furies / 60

3 beasts of nurgle / 300

8 PD
6 DD

06-08-2009, 09:23
Pretty sure that nurgling infestation works on existing units - so you still need to drop 1 beast for 3 bases of nurglings in order to make it effective
And besides, nurglings are some of the best troop choices for a mono-nurlge army as they:
skirmish (act as screens)
scout (so you can march block the enemy allowing your slow moving butt to march forwards, it also allows you to engage enemy early on while you slow moving horde shambles forward...)
have posion so are handy knocking out stuff

bork da basher
06-08-2009, 09:46
yeah i read thar wrong thought it created a fresh unit. will rework it.

bork da basher
06-08-2009, 09:50
ok droped the palanquins on the heralds and bumped the unit champ in epidemius' unit to a musician to make it fit. i think loosing a beast will seriously impair the units ability to win combats and it's fair to assume i could easily loose 1 of them on the way in anyway.

06-08-2009, 12:55
alternatively you could drop all the beasts and go 9 nurglings, cause if the 3 die before you get infestation off its 25 (or 50, whatever it is, havent got the book on me) points down the toilet.

personally i love the idea of epidemius hiding away in a cosy little corner with a unit of 10 plaguebearers. putting him in the battle is stupid, as the tally can be lost. this also allows for serious buffing of the other 2 units with heralds in them.

lastly, how come the points are different on your 2 heralds? i see no different gear. . .

bork da basher
06-08-2009, 14:58
thats a typo.