View Full Version : Dieting, a 2000pts list of the Stout variety

08-01-2006, 17:58
I'm bad at writing lists, I see it, I want it. I would like to greatly improve and refine this list into 2000pts. Any help would be appreciated.

Axe [FuryX2 CleavingX1]
Gromril [StoneX1]
Battle Standard

Master Engineer-74pts
Great weapon

Master Engineer- 74pts
Great weapon

Runesmith- 149
Talisman [M. BalanceX1 Spell brakingX1]

16 warriors with hand weapon and shields-169pts
Full Comand

16 thunderers with shields-265pts
Full Command

16 thunderers with shields-265pts
Full Command

16 quarellers with shields-217pts
Full Command

1 Cannon with engineer-115pts
Rune of Reloading

1 Grudgethrower with engineer-120pts
Rune of Accuracy

1 Bolt Thrower with engineer-135pts
Rune of PenetrationX3


Organ Gun-120pts

Total: A craptacular 2008pts

Okays I have problems, and I knows it.

Firstly I cannot stand up to any real charge (a risk I'm willing to take) but what worries me is how inefficient I am at getting any real firepower for the points I pay.
The unit sizes for missile troops are hardly ideal, but I have the command models and if they rank up even a lowly unit of thunderers can dish some hurt when charged (given a high ground advantage). They come in boxes of 16 so keep that in mind when talking about changing the unit sizes, lets be realistic here.
The bolt thrower is as beefed as it is because it is the home of one master engineer. The more I think about the more inefficient this seems.

I have seen lists of this size with far more firepower and much better longevity in combat.

One last note: I don't want an anvil.

08-01-2006, 19:24
Well you've got three boxes of 16 there - that's 48 dudes.

That can be split into 4x12 rather than 3x16 for more efficient firepower. And though they're pretty, I'd not bother with command sections for them - you don't really want them fighting when they could be shooting.

If you're thinking moneywise then the battalion offers you 24 warriors with the ranged guys and a cannon/organ gun so I'd bump that unit up to a decent size. With the BSB a unit that big should be able to hold their ground so long as you get them in front of the correct charge.

You have a lot of pts wrapped up in runes on your warmachines - a couple of pegasus knights could screw that up royally.

Just a few thoughts!

10-01-2006, 19:12
Any other ideas anyone, it would be nwise for me to make any real descisions based on one persons theory/oppinion (no discredit to Czevak, adjusting the unit sizes is probably wise).


10-01-2006, 19:53
My thoughts, only.

As Czevak said, you should put the shooters in four units of twelwe and drop the

I suggest to take another Bolt Thrower (if I recall correctly, that you can have two as one Special choise..), points for that you can have by dropping those commands and Runes on the BT, or sumthing.

Boosting the warriors could be good, with BSB they can hold pretty much everything, if deployed in decent numbers, say 20+.

You could be facing troubles against 10+ power dice armies, they could pretty much whack you in the magic phace (say Tzeentch, Summonhorde, Seer Council etc.) counting that you donīt shoot them apart first.

Still looks like a competitive list.