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05-08-2009, 13:53
having played for many a year with a good but boring list build. I have decided to start again trying to play with a different but still competive.
here we go:

Malekith 600
Ok i know this guy is no unkillable lord, but being a lvl 4 and with some special rules he's ideal

shadowblade 300
At 300 points this guys isnt cheap but will be able to take out mages/ BSB's. Also with the ability to ruin a gunline.

2x 5 dark riders 170

20 warriors 180
full command

20 black guard 355
banner and champion
ASF banner
gem of nightmares to help defeat uber units- yay! for outnumbered by a fear causing enemy.

hydra 175

hydra 175

5 harpies 55

05-08-2009, 15:35
2 special characters, 2 Hydras and ASF Black Guard. I think I hate this list.

Sorry buddy, dem'z da' breaks. ;)

More constructively speaking, you could trade Malekith for a Lvl4 on peg and trade shadowblade for a regular Assassin and Lvl2 support and get some RxBs in there. Loose the second Hydra either for shades w/ great weapons or find the points to make it 2 RBTs. Drop a rank from the BG if you need points.

Just some thoughts.

05-08-2009, 16:11
mhm anyone got any thoughts on dropping the warrior unit and the harpies replasing it with a min size unit of warriors and a unit of shades with an assasain. not sure about the points though.

05-08-2009, 17:27
i dislike the list overal, you spent 900 pts on chars and dont really have a good magic phase or good combat characters fo that cost.

Only things going for the list is the 2 hydras and black guard. id drop the gem of nightmares for the soul render or crimson death. id probably drop malekith for 2-3 lords/heroes/units.

05-08-2009, 18:02
Personaly i would suggest dropping shadowblade, a hyrda, 6 black guard and the spearmen. Replace them with a scroll caddy, bolt thrower 10 xbow men with shields 7 shades with great weapons 5 coldones with full command and 5 extra harpies.

05-08-2009, 18:47
how is 7 powerdice with 6 spells not an effective magic? sorry if i sound unwilling to change.
With shadowblade he really helps me against VC's i am almost garenteed to kill the general early on.

05-08-2009, 19:44
Sure, you know all the spells from the Dark Magic lore, but that's it. That is the biggest problem with Malekith and Morathi, they only get the option of Dark Magic. No self respecting Lord level caster should be restricted to one lore. Dark Magic is good, really good against some armies, but suffers badly against others, like WoC and to a large extent VC.

And Shadowblade only has 3 attacks, far from a guaranteed kill on that Vamp Lord. Chances are pretty even that he'll survive with 1 wound and then thrash you, with only 2 wounds and a 5+ ward.

Especially since Cadaverous Cuirass is only 15 pts.

Edit: Just looked it up, Malekith doesn't know all the spell from the Dark Lore. He just generates his spells from that lore. 'nother check in the con column for Dr. Doom.

05-08-2009, 20:45
well 7 pd in 2k is not a effective magic phase, seeing how most armies pack 5dd and 2-3 scrolls. you spent 600 pts on magic and wont cast any,
you have 4dd and no scrolls so you wont be stopping much magic either.

If you want magic to go off bring at least 9+pd.

The Blades of reason
05-08-2009, 21:43
magic really isn't brill in 2000pts of WE i have 6 dispell and 3 scrolls and that is from 2 caddys and a brachwraith

i also find special characters aren't really good until you reach 3000pts as are generally rather expensive exept of course the hero ones in the high elves book

05-08-2009, 21:48
Any army with a warmachine and two shooty units is going to stop the black guard getting anywhere.

One lv4 with random spells isn't going to win magic phases.

You cant tell me u'd have fun playing with this list? Its pretty lame.

06-08-2009, 01:12
This list is awful imo (i'm sorry but it's true) Malekith is only worth half his point cost. Use a dreadlord with pendant of khaelith a hydra blade and potion of strength for less than half the cost and more fighting power. Then use 2 mages instead of shadow blade. Make 1 a scroll caddy and 1 have an extra spell and more PD. (both being lvl 2) Then take out the harpies if you will be facing VC, since they don't have shooting and neither do you. With those points and taking out a unit of rider's, put in some crossbows and that army will do a lot better. Trust me, once your malekith is charged by a unit of blood knights, he's dead. I hope this helped, and remember, malekith is only good for themed battles.

06-08-2009, 13:14
thanks for all the honest but true advice, new list coming soon...

07-08-2009, 07:36
This list is awful imo (i'm sorry but it's true) Malekith is only worth half his point cost..

May be a slight exaggeration, or are you suggesting that malekiths magic items, rules and improved stats added up should only cost 40 points? (with a naked normal sorc lord lvl 4 costing 260 points) :p

07-08-2009, 13:03
owned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yer new list online within the hour

07-08-2009, 13:17
Supreme sorceress 350
lvl 4
black staff

Master 140
amour of darkness
crimson death

Ok these guys(and girls) work like malekith but cheaper, simples <squek!!>

shadowblade 300

sorceress 160
lvl 2
darkstar cloak

10 crossbows 100

07-08-2009, 13:18
rest will come later off to the themepark!!