View Full Version : 2250 Empire List (Help a Noob Please! My second list ever!)

05-08-2009, 15:13
This is a new list i just made (only my second list ever building) to play a BoC this weekend. Please any criticism would be appreciated.

Any additional help like which lore of magic would be best for BoC would also be appreciated.

1x General of the Empire = 135 pts
-armour of meteoric iron
-sword of righteous steel

1x Captain of the Empire = 144 pts
-BSB + Griffon Standard
-full plate
-additional hand weapon

1x Battle Wizard = 150 pts
-lvl 2
-Lore of Death
-Seal of Destruction
-Biting Blade

1x Battle Wizard = 150 pts
-lvl 2
-Lore of Shadows
-2 Dispell Scrolls

24x Swordsmen = 254 pts
-full command
-General goes here
9x Halberdiers
5x Handgunners

24x Swordsmen = 254 pts
-full command
-BSB goes here
9x Halberdiers
5x Hangunners

25x Spearmen = 240 pts
-full command
-Banner of duty
9x Free Company
5x Crossbowmen

10x Hangunners = 103 pts
-hochland long rifle

10x Archers = 83 pts

6x Knights of Inner Circle = 216 pts
-full command
-Steel Standard

7x Pistoliers = 203 pts
-repeater pistols

1x Great Cannon = 100 pts

1x Great Cannon = 100 pts

1x Hellblaster Volley Gun = 110 pts

Total Points = 2249 pts

PD = 6
DD = 4

After the final adding of everything it looks like i'm now 1 pts under?!

05-08-2009, 15:44
dispell scrolls are 25 points each.

BoC are not known for being very brave--ld based spells and psychology tests can really cripple them, especially if you can kill their general (preferably before he has a chance to sound the brayhorn if he has the ambush special rule)

To that end, my vote would be for the Lore of Death--2 types of magic missiles for offensive punch and some great ld based spells--doom&darkness can be a real gamechanger againt BoC

05-08-2009, 16:27
think you've only got 4 DD. Would like to see maybe the unit of knights a bit bigger but only if youve got the models. replace a cannon with a mortar, goodbye skirmishers. If you dont have the model just say to your opponent this one is a mortar ect. Dismount a mage so you can have magic flowing from two units.hehehe

Advice about tactics- read his list before see if hes got the scouting horn thingy. If so use your outriders 360 to blast them when he wont expect it. Lores hmmm: they wont like shadow one bit.

05-08-2009, 18:03
So would it be smarter to have my general on foot and keep him in a block of infantry so more of my army would benefit from his bonus's or should I keep him with the inner circle to help them kill stuff?

If I took my general out of the inner circle I might add 1 or 2 more knights, but i'm already over so i'd need to drop more points from somewhere.

Should I keep my wizards in block of troops as well? I've pretty much always just ran them around as independents.

Do the BoC have a lot of skirmishers or more multi-wound monsters? If more skirmishers then maybe I would switch out a cannon for a mortar.

05-08-2009, 22:03
Beasts of Chaos are pretty much only Skirmishers and Multi-wounds. While Lore of death does have some useful spells vs beasts I'd go lore of shadow. Still has a fear causing spell but also has potential for unseen lurker. the beasts can do some magical charging of their own and this spell would play him at his own game.

Against the Beasts you can just use your wizards independently as he'll have virtually no missiles at all. Although against most armies i'd be hiding them in units.

Think the key with your army as you have it there will be learning how to use your detachments properly. If you get that right then you'll be onto a winner.

06-08-2009, 01:44
Each wizard can have a different lore correct?

With my detachments i have always used 5x2's so im curious about the 3x3s. If i counter charge with the halberds i will only hit with 3 and get 6 attacks at first. Can I them reform to get more in base contact?

If i remember correctly i only negate the enemies flanks if i have a full 5 man front?

06-08-2009, 08:44
Yes each wiz can take a different lore. If you win combat you are allowed a free reform at the end of the cc phase.

06-08-2009, 12:46
I'll have to look again but I thought it said something about being on two sides of an enemy. If you have a front or rear and a flank you cant reform a certain way?

I just want to make sure I can get the most out of my detachments. I only changed to 3x3s because i've seen it in some other lists and its recommended to save space.

How I see this is; 2 swords for mass fighting in the bulk of the enemy. spears will look for a defensive point, the knights will be the hammer for one of my anvils of core units, the outriders will hit a flank, the handgunners w/hochland willl look for a hill (or try be near spears) and snipe at a hero/units, a cannon on each flank, the hellblaster middle or staggered to give a cannon support and the archers will be floating in the rear to give the war machines a last line of defense against any ambush or fast skirmishers.

I figure the spears might be on other side of board so I gave them that banner just in case they arent near the main fighting block.

Also I was thinking dropping the general to foot and adding him into the other swords and then dropping inner circle to knights and bulking to 6 or 7 knights.

Does anyone have any advice on where to drop some points?! Where/what whould be the best places to cut or drop?

Maybe I should drop a detachment from the spears?

06-08-2009, 19:51
Ok, it looks like this will be my final list for BoC on saturday. Any final critics?

06-08-2009, 21:53
Just to say (as you probly know) but you only need to be unit strength five to neg ranks and gain flank with your dets, so keep em three wide, especially against beasts, where their larger bases work in you favour if your three wide.

If you can find some way to shoe-horn in the doomfire ring then I would. Beasts really dont like panic tests.

Good Luck