View Full Version : revised BoC army list please C&C

05-08-2009, 16:12
i am convetring and army to be frog men based off of the beast of chaos rule book here's the army please feel free to critisize and correct

110 wargor slaughterer's blade chaos armour
131 bray shaman lvl1 dispell scrollx2 braystaff
110 wargor crown of horns enchanted shield

85 tuskgor chariot
85 tuskgor chariot
112 beast herd 8 gor 9 ungor foerender
76 beast herd 8 gor 5 ungor
283 bestigor 19 full command gorge banner

100 centigors throwing axes
147 minotuars 3 light armour great weapon
181 chaos ogres 5 heavy armour shields

75 spawn tzeentch


06-08-2009, 16:34
You have a point value wrong here. Minotaurs +light armor +great weapons = 147 points. 40 points base. Also, you can't have a Wargor with Enchanted shield and chaos armor. They're both magic armor and your only allowed 1. Chaos armor isn't an upgrade like it is in WOC. Why not give your spawn an upgrade? They're pretty weak without them. I usually use the Firewyrm of Tzeentch upgrade or the Fiend of Slaanesh. So its either a decent breath weapon or 3d6" movement.