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05-08-2009, 16:25
I'm looking for advice from experienced O&G players.

I'm pretty green to the WFB scene.

How large (or small, I suppose) do you run your (Night & Common) Goblin and (Common) Orc units?

My rough take on it was; 20 (4 ranks of 5, musician) for Goblin bow units, 40 (8 ranks of 5, standard and musician) for Goblin spear and/or hand weapon units, 10 (1 rank, no command) for Orc bows, and 30-40 (multiple ranks of 6 for 'full frontage', full command) for Orc choppa units.

Am I far off the mark?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

05-08-2009, 17:23
well for spears always run in ranks of 7 as you can still attack with em all

05-08-2009, 17:46
My rough take on it was; 20 (4 ranks of 5, musician) for Goblin bow units...

yep, thats the minimum size and it works out just fine... space usually limits you to 2 ranks of 10 without a hill around...

a unit of 20 night gobs with short bows + a fanatic or two is a neat little addition if you can spare the points...

40 (8 ranks of 5, standard and musician) for Goblin spear and/or hand weapon units...

wow, thats a lot of goblins...

30 is the number i roll with... a bit more maneuverable, cheaper and still able to survive a few casualties...

night goblins are my favorite goblin for all the old reasons - fanatics, nets, etc...

hw/shield is the way to go... spears are more expensive and only give you a handful of ws2 s3 attacks... meh...

10 (1 rank, no command) for Orc bows...

i dont personally care for orc bowmen but hey, if they work for you 10 is a fine number...

and 30-40 (multiple ranks of 6 for 'full frontage', full command) for Orc choppa units.

i use units of 25...

30 is neat but 25% more expensive... plus it eats up that much more of your deployment...

i do like the idea of 'more is better' you have going here, id just scale it back a hair on your units of 40 :)

05-08-2009, 18:23

for ng...
speargobs - 7 wide, musician, 21 is enough
bowgobs - 7 or 11 wide, musician, 21 is enough
hw&s gobs - 5 wide, musician, netters, US30-35 including any joining characters, standard and champ if chars join

for orcs...
arrer boyz - 5/6 wide or 10 wide, musician, 10 is enough
shield boyz - 5 wide, standard, musician, champ only if bsb or shaman joins, US25-30 is enough
choppa boyz - 6 wide, musician, standard only if biguns w/magic banner, US12-18 is enough

for common gobs...
shield & spear - 7 wide, musician, US21 is fine
shield & hw - 5 wide, musician, US30 and full command if characters join

05-08-2009, 19:01
I tend to go with 30 Orcs.

25 can survive in lower point games but for being able to last for a few combat phases aswell then 30 only fails when hit by tough heavy caverly.

Never take night goblins in anything more than twenty as in the current gaming climate they are only good more fanatics and shooting.

05-08-2009, 21:20
Don't use gobbo bowmen, gobbo 'ard grotz and night gobbo netters should be 6 ranks of 5. You can make them bigger if you want but 30 should be enough.

If by orc choppa units you mean orcs with 2 choppas you can try using ranks of 6, I use choppas and shields 5 by 5 myself.

06-08-2009, 04:10
10 savage Orc with extra weapons, boss, and no standard. 12 str4 attacks and 4 str5 on first turn for only 115pts

06-08-2009, 17:15
My regular boyz are usually in blocks of 30 w/ shields and full command. 210 points (i think) for 30 boyz with a 4+ save and S4 in the first round of combat.

I've had luck with big blocks of 30-35 night goblins with no command, just 2 fanatics each. When my army outnumbers skaven 2:1, I know I'm playing orcs right!

06-08-2009, 17:55
orc boyz: 5x5 choppa + shield, FC
arrer boyz: 5x4 FC. Would be 5x5 but I'm short on models.
Savage orcs: 7,3 or 6,4 big uns, extra choppa, no command.

Night goblins:
HW(or spear) + shield 5x6 (or more) FC, nets, fanatics. Accompanied by a black orc
short bow 20 or 21, musician. Ranks deployed varies.

I don't use common goblins.

06-08-2009, 20:42
25 orcs, 30 gobbo's is what I usually do.
Not to big to have models that are not really contributing, but enough to not loose bonusses too soon.

The only exception regarding core foot troops, would be savages. I don't have experience with those, but I can see them work better in several small unit of about 12 with 2 choppa's.