View Full Version : 2250 skaven list with no magic

05-08-2009, 18:05
hi all can i get some feedback about this list

warpstone armour shield
foul pendant biting blade
warpstone charm

assassin weeping blades
chieftain heavy armour battle standard warbanner
plague priest warpstone amulet plague censer

20 slaves
20 slaves

25 clanrats full command
ratling gun
25 clanats full command
ratling gun
10 nightrunners additional hand weapons
36 stormvermin full command
umbranner warpfire thrower
rat ogre

warp lightning cannon

49 plague monks
additional hand weapons
full command
banner of burning hatred

6 plague censer bearers

total 2230

thanks for looking

05-08-2009, 23:33
quick question..

Why 6 plague censors.

Won't the front of the unit be 5 wide. Whats the extra one for?

Also you might find that the umbranner is a bit over the top, when you have slaves that can block line of sight from firing units. Slave shield I like to call it.

05-08-2009, 23:53
49 Plague Monks!!!!!! Thats a bit overkill dont you think. 20, 25 is a better number.
Same goes for the Stormvermin 36 seems a bit too big

Assassins aren't ment to be very good, they are expensive for what you get.

06-08-2009, 07:50
yeah drop the assasin. plauge monks and stormvermin need to be cut in half and made into 4 units (of 25ish). IŽd also drop the night runners as all they ever do is in their name (run) which makes other units copy them.

if you are going for a list without magic you need to severly outnumber your opponent. at present you really have 6 block units and 10 deployments. my magic heavy skaven army has like 7 block units. without magic you need to be going 200/300+ models with rats as you saved the points on the characters and can spend it on massed troops.