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05-08-2009, 18:21
Hi all,

As is my usual practice before the GT season kicks off, I thought I'd post my army list and hopefully hear peoples thoughts. Remember, there are no comp scores at the GT and the armies can be fairly brutal... (just bear in mind this is not what I would normally take!).

Slann = 450
Focussed Rumination
Focus of Mystery
Becalming Cogitation
Soul of Stone

Skink Priest = 405
lvl2, Engine, plaque of tepok

Skink Chief = 380
Ancient steg, warspear

16 Temple Guard = 270
+ standard

18 Spear Saurus = 228
+ standard

9 Skirmish Skinks = 63
9 Skirmish Skinks = 63
9 Skirmish Skinks = 63

1 Salamander = 75
Total = 1997

I'm a bit gutted it doesn't have any terradons in, as I think they're needed for all the special missions this year. Also, its a bit low on scoring units, with only 5 and all infantry.

The main tactic will be a creeping castle formation, relying on magic to force the opponent on to my lines and setting up the dual steg counter charge.

I have an alternate list, which drops the warspear chief, a unit of skinks and soul of stone for a chief on terradon, a unit of 3 terradons and a regular steg.

I won't be taking dual engines, despite how good it is, as I'm not paying 25 quid for the model and spending a month painting it to only use in GTs once a year! Its not something I'd ever take against mates.

Anyway, all c&c welcome.

05-08-2009, 18:34
im pretty sure minimuim unit size for skink skirmishers is 10, but i dont have my book with me so i may be wrong here.

i would drop a unit of skinks to two so you have enough screens for your RnF units.

next, and youll probably disagree here, but i would drop one of the stegs as well, probably the war spear one. this will allow you to get the terradons you need and a solid unit of 6 cold ones for a good hammer unit.

if points are left, one more salamander(2 units of 1) would be great. even if you have to drop soul of stone from the slann to get another sally it would be worth it to me. ive never found once reliable enough to get the job done. if he misfires your out a shot, with 2 both will hardly ever misfire.

05-08-2009, 18:55
Minimum size on skinks is indeed 10.

Take Cupped Hands over Soul of Stone. With the new FAQ showing its transferred after you roll, you can basically save it to stop all but the worst miscasts (which is the only thing you'd use soul of stone on anyways). Also 5pts cheaper :D

Personally i feel you'd do better by taking out the saurus, getting some 6 terradons.

You will then, after this, have 35pts spare. Can do whatever you want with this (possible scroll on the engine, then whatever)

05-08-2009, 19:09
Excellent point on the skinks - will amend that. You need to bear in mind that the GT this year is using all new missions, only one of which is pitched battle. The saurus have to stay to hold objectives, but I'm definitely open to switching the stegs around.