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06-08-2009, 03:50
If i buy the upgrade for a Dwarf war machine and give it a Engineer (champ version) and give him a handgun can he shoot it even when the bolt thrower, stone thrower etc ...he is attached to shoots. If he can't where does it say this cause i don't see it.

06-08-2009, 06:36
Pg 39 in the dwarf book is what you are looking for.

"In any given Shooting phase, a Master Engineer or an Engineer who has joined a war machine can either act as additional crew, use their Artillery Master or Artillery Specialist special rules; or fire personal weaponry. They must declare the option they will use before firing the war machine."

06-08-2009, 06:38
You have to declare what the Engineer (and Master Engineer) is doing before firing the Warmachine.

See the box-out on page 39 of the Dwarf Army Book (specifically, the last paragraph) for full details.