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06-08-2009, 15:17
Hello fellow Warseer'ers. I haven't posted a list in awhile and since I played this one last night I figured I would let you all have a chance to tear it apart ;) We are actually having a second game this weekend and I would like to play this list once again so any tips/changes are more than welcome. Oh and I'm pretty sure this list is legal (unlike my last posted Gelt army) :D

Wizard Lord (goes with spearmen)
lvl 4, rod of power, doomfire ring, sword of battle, dispel scroll

Warrior Priest (goes with knights)
vhs, sword of justice, heavy armour, sheild, barded warhorse

Warrior Priest (goes with greatswords)
shroud of magnus, heavy armour, sheild, great weapon

Captain (goes with spearmen)
bsb. full plate, enchanted sheild, sigil of sigmar, ring of volans

20 Flagellant Warband
prophet of doom

29 Spearmen
full command, 5 halberdier detach, 5 halberdier detach

10 Crossbowmen

5 Knightly Order
full command, standard of arcane warding, great weapons, inner circle

19 Greatswords
full command, 10 archer detach, 10 archer detach

5 Outriders


2003 total, 6PD/6DD along with the good ol' rod of power and 3-4 bound.

06-08-2009, 18:13
I'm pretty sure this isn't a legal list. You havn't met the min req for a 2000 pt army. All you need to do is drop the inner circle off the knights. Inner circle makes them a special unit choice so you only would have 2 core units.

Also you say two heros are in the spears so really couldnt you go with 28 spears. Again kinda petty but with those two things you should get about 20 pts to drop on something else.

06-08-2009, 19:34
The Warrior priest makes one unit of flagelents count as a core however Its not a legal 2000pt list because the total is 2003.

Detachments have a max sixe of half the parent units size rounding down so the 19 great swords cant have 10 man support units.

Knock down the archers to bumb up the halberdier detachments. One casulty which at ws 3 t 3 and a save of 6 is pretty likly is going to stop them taking ranks away. This would aslo put you under 2000pts making the list legal.

07-08-2009, 19:22
who was the 1st game against and how did you do??