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06-08-2009, 18:22
WHFB noob here, just starting out (both painting WH minis and playing), and my initial list is slowly coming about... at a decision point for my mage, which will affect how I build the 2nd hero...

The general direction I want to go is shooty with magic phase shutdown... I will primarily be playing against O&G and Wood Elf armies while I get more fluent with the rules.

So... Should I go:

A: 2nd Lvl Mage with Ring of Fury, on Unbarded Steed


B: 2nd Lvl Mage with Silver Wand and 2 Dispel Scrolls, on Unbarded Steed

Here's the rest of the list, for context:

15 Spearmen w/FC
10 Archers
5 Reavers w/bow & Musician (Mage goes here)
10 Swordmasters w/Champion & Banner of Sorcery

Still tweaking the actual points, but the basic gist is to have the Reaver unit and Mage use marchblock and hit+run tactics (with flank charges if opporunity arises), hopefully the RBT and Archers softening up enough that by the time units get to my line, the SM and Spears will be enough to handle it...

If I go with the Mage A, I'll probably go with a lvl1 mage as Scroll Caddy, attached to RBT unit... if I go with Mage B, I'll probably go with a Noble in the Swordmaster unit...

For a low point game, am I de-emphasising my infantry too much, and maybe over-focusing on Magic for O&G and WE opponents? Will my line break as soon as their first unit gets to me?

07-08-2009, 01:01
You really don't need a scroll caddy in 1000 pts. A single mage gives you 3DD with +1 to dispel. The most you're going to face is 2 lvl2s, equivalent to 6-7 PD. That's not too bad, especially considering what HE's can do in 1000 pts.

The optimal setup IMO is a combination of what you have there. Take the ring of fury AND the silver wand, in addition to the Banner of Sorcery. You have 4 spells (drain magic), 5-7 PD and a powerful bound spell coming from a single mage. I would take a Noble with the Reaver Bow and a Great Weapon to accompany the swordmasters.

07-08-2009, 03:45
Yeah, I forgot that the Ring is only Enchanted...

I went in a couple different directions once I got home and re-read the book and your suggestions.... Option A seems like it would be funner with lots happening in the Magic phase... but Option B (your advice) seems like it would actually win more games, as its more balanced and gives the CC units much needed support. I'll try both... I'll start with Option B first, I think... If it works as well as I think it will against my friends, I'll start using Option A to make it less competitive.

OPTION A - 999 pts

Lvl2 Mage: Lore of Fire, Silver Wand, Dispel Scroll, Elven Steed
Lvl1 Mage: High Magic, Annulian Crystal
15 Spearmen w/Champion, Bearer
10 Archers (Lvl1 Mage here)
10 Swordmasters w/Champion, Bearer - Banner of Sorcery
5 Reavers w/bows (Lvl2 Mage here)
1 Repeating Bolt Thrower

7-9 PD, 4 DD


Option B - 1000 pts

Lvl2 Mage : High Magic, Silver Wand, Ring of Fury, Elven Steed
Noble : Great Weapon, Heavy Armour, Reaver Bow
15 Spearmen w/Bearer
10 Archers
9 Swordmasters w/Champion, Bearer - Banner of Sorcery (Noble goes here)
5 Reavers w/Musician and Bows (Mage goes here)
1 Repeating Bolt Thrower

5-7 PD, 3 DD

Thanks for the input....