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08-01-2006, 23:24
Hello All,

Here is a list I have been working on for carnage. Please give me any comments you can, I would also appreciate any tactical advice available.

Beastlord @ 170 Pts
Mark of Chaos Undivided, Slaughterer's Blade, Chaos Armour, The Dark Heart

Wargor (BSB) @ 89 Pts
Mark of Chaos Undivided, Heavy Armour

Bray-Shaman @ 160 Pts
Mark of Chaos Undivided, Level 2, Dispel Scroll, Staff of Darkoth

Bray-Shaman @ 141 Pts
Mark of Chaos Undivided, Level 2, Braystaff, Dispel Scroll

Beastherd (11 Gors/8 Ungors) @ 152 Pts
Command, 2 Hand Weapons (Gors), Spear & Shield (Ungors)

Beastherd (11 Gors/8 Ungors) @ 152 Pts
Command, 2 Hand Weapons (Gors), Spear & Shield (Ungors)

Beastherd (11 Gors/8 Ungors) @ 144 Pts
Command, 2 Hand Weapons (Gors), Spear (Ungors)

Beastherd (11 Gors/8 Ungors) @ 144 Pts
Command, 2 Hand Weapons (Gors), Spear (Ungors)

Tuskgor Chariot @ 85 Pts

Tuskgor Chariot @ 85 Pts

5 Centigors @ 130 Pts
Command, Shields

6 Furies @ 90 Pts

3 Minotaurs @ 138 Pts
Great Weapons

4 Dragon Ogres @ 316 Pts
Great Weapons, Light Armour

Total Number of Models - 100
Total Power Dice - 6
Total Dispel dice - 4 (plus 2 dispel scrolls)
Total Cost: 1996pts

08-01-2006, 23:40
Quick points:
Get less gors and more ungors for the herds.
Drop the shields for ungors.
Get 2+ units of warhounds.
Consider dropping one of the dragon ogres to save points and keep them shielded from missile fire to compensate for the lost unit size.
IMHO the marauder horsemen are better than centigors because they are fast cavalry... sucks if you want a pure beast list though =/

As for tactics, shadow can be a good lore for you shamans since it has a movement spell, an anti-armour spell and a flying character spell which will be good to get your chiefgor and BSB to where they are needed. Also always try to make your 4pt ungors take all the arrows/bolts/rocks/sinks or whatever comes flying your way instead of getting your more expensive units shot (watch out for panic though =)). Just my two cents.

EDIT: I dont remember exactly what the slaughterers blade does, but a great weapon (makes chiefgor S7) combined with the flying character spell will pull out some dispel scrolls if your opponent has chariots hehe =)

09-01-2006, 00:05
What exactly does MSU mean in this context?

The list itself is decent, but does leave room for improvement:

The Slaughterer's Blade on a Beastlord isn't ideal, because what it adds to survivability, you can get cheaper and better with other magical items. It has to do with the character having to survive two barrages of attacks before he can take advantage of the blade, and is a little complex. It's not a complete waste of points, but I'd take a good ward save or the Crown of Everlasting Conquest instead.

Furthermore, the Dark Heart can just as well be given to the Wargor, since it affects the herd overall. This would free up enough magical points allowance on the Lord to give him the ever-useful Armour of Damnation.

The herds could have a little more ungors and a little fewer gors, but the balance you have now is not outrageously horrible. 8/11 would be better, though. And allthough not as completely useless as some people will tell you, I'd generally advice against shields on the ungors.

The centigors are all right, don't trade them for horsemen. Look for holes in the opponents battle line formed by forests he has to maneouver around, then bold the centigors through that gap. As soon as they're on the other side of the line, they can cause no limit of mischief. Oh, and if MSU means "full command", ditch the banner at least, and the champion unless you absolutely can't find a better way to spend the points. They can't be expected to win a combat against a ranked regiment on their own, so you'll typically either use them in situations where a banner is overkill, or in conjunction with another unit, typically a herd that allready has a banner. Either way, the risk of the centigors doing something dumb and losing the banner is real enough to consider it a potential very cheap 100 VP for your opponent.

The Word is Herd!

09-01-2006, 12:48
I'd consider adding a "U" after the "O" in the word "armour". ;)

Sorry, couldn't resist. I assume you're a septic living in London and therefore not used to spelling correctly?

Anyways, I'd agree with most of the above comments. I like the Slaughterer's blade myself because it's very useful to have a magical great weapon against etherials and daemons (who I often face). However, in a tournament this might not be so useful.

Warhounds are great. I assume you'll be making use of the Ambush special rule, in which case a few small units of Warhounds are great. Firstly, lots of units means there's a better chance of at least one unit turning up where you want it to. And secondly, even just three warhounds in the flank or rear of an enemy unit will wipe out their rank bonus. For an army with lots of skirmishers and unranked units, this can really tip the scales in your favour. Also good for dealing with warmachine crews (except Dwarfs, they're too tough), or at least distracting them for a couple of vital turns.

09-01-2006, 18:10
I'd consider adding a "U" after the "O" in the word "armour". ;)

Sorry, couldn't resist. I assume you're a septic living in London and therefore not used to spelling correctly?

No, Just using the American Army Builder, so they use funny spelling. I am also not septic, or is that a spelling mistake? ;)

I would love to have some warhounds but the problem I have faced is that I am doing this on a budget for To8G and it is difficult enough getting 2000 points. I cant really justify spending 18 for 36pts of models! I will be having one unit, so maybe I can drop something and squeeze it in there. I think I can manage it if I drop the shields from the centigors.

I do like the unit gor/ungor ratios I have, it gives me higher survivability from shooting, and it also reduces the chance of break tests, and once a few ungors get killed off it makes it even harder to hurt them by shooting. Great for those archer heavy armies.

09-01-2006, 18:28
Hmmm, yes Warhounds are pretty much the worst as far as cost to points ratio is concerned. I'd use more if I could afford them.

09-01-2006, 20:27
you can always bitz order the plastic wolves from O&G line. crummy compared to the nice metal wolves, but at least half the price

09-01-2006, 21:39
nah, I definitely will not use those models, I love the Warhound models too much!

09-01-2006, 21:58
I am also not septic, or is that a spelling mistake?
Rhyming slang. Septic tank => Yank. Though we always Australianised it to "seppo"... :angel:

10-01-2006, 00:42
Quickie on the warhounds: This is what I do. Get the goblin wolf rider boxed set and dont glue on the heads on the wolves. Then put the goblin torso on it and GS it so it looks proper. Add a leftover head from the beast sprue and some goblin/ungor/whatever arms with small weapons like knives etc (may need to convert those weapons) and voila! Your own Centi-ungors! Like a smaller spawn of centigors. Can be used as converted warhounds, no problem. Dont have any pics at the moment though, sry =/

11-01-2006, 11:43
those would be very nice to see, but realistically, a box of 10 warhounds only costs $10 more then a box of 10 goblin wolf riders. but if you like to convert..

11-01-2006, 12:24
Only just started with Boc so hardly learned advice but I wondered why you've got a full command in the centigor unit - +100vps to your opponent for destroying a small cavalry unit will be temting and you could have 8 for only 140pts.

I love this unit, though not as much as chariots which seem to be amazing for 85pts so long as you have a skirmish screen to hide them behind.
3 Minatores in a unit were next to useless for me - all those skirmishers milling about made it very difficult to get a decent charge arc - cav and chariots were a bit less unweildy. 3 units of wolves/hounds instead could be a nightmare for all but skirmished bowmen/woodelves.

Lore of Beasts better than shadows for me - there are a couple of duff spells but staff of darkoth and the low casting values more than compensate.
Like i said - early days...

11-01-2006, 19:46
i am getting rid of the banner in the centigors, getting a unit of hounds by losing a few gors and this standard. I used to have problems with the Minotaurs, but now they seem to work out for me. M6 and 3d6 pursuit kicks ass. I normally use shadows, but I do like to mix some beasts in there, if just for Oxen Stands.

12-01-2006, 00:23
@Debaser: All the converting can be done in only an hour or two more than just using the normal models. It also comes with the bonus that they are completely plastic/GS which means that I can throw them around carelessly without risking dents. Especially useful for Gaming Under the Influence (GUI) =)

EDIT: Oops, going a bit OT here, sry... *slaps himself*