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07-08-2009, 08:36
I have only played a few battles with my o&g. Bought a big pack a while ago on ebay and since then i have filled in with some other units. This is the latest list i have come up with. I have kitted the shaman to kil big monsters with low ld and to make the wyvern more dangerous. Savage chariot hit pretty hard, used it once. Not sure about the bsb:s talisman though. Should i use a goblin shammy as lvl2 instead of an orc?

Savage orc big boss (general) (187)
Chariot, martogs basha, enchanted shield, light armour,collar of zorga.

Black orc BSB (151)
Boar, heavy armour, Amulett of prot. (dont know about this, but prot is important)

Savage Orc great lvl4 shaman (500)
staff of kaloth, wyvern, w5+ ward item, waagh paint.

Orc lvl2 shaman (141)
Boar, dispell scroll.

20 Savage orcs (230)

20 Savage orcs (230)

5 Wolf riders (76)

5 Spider riders (76)

2 Bolt throwers (70)

12 Black orcs (211)
musician,standard, goorks waagh banner.

Boar chariot (80)

2 pump wagons (80)

Giant (205)


07-08-2009, 13:52
you're right. pretty bad.

imo 8 pd with no bound spells isn't going to see you casting very much. your biggest mistake is spending nearly half your points on characters. o&g is a troops-driven army, not a character-driven army. 70 models is too few, except if you are chariot spamming, and you've got less than half the number of chariots you need for a proper spam.

spending 500 points on a lord that you are going to use to fight only low ld enemies means that you are going to generally be sending him against crap, and where there's crap there's usually alot of it, so you might find that you're killing a few but still losing to static combat res. yes there are some monsters here and there that have low ld, but those are generally half or less the cost of your lord. 2 spear chuckas, which you are already taking, are a seventh the cost of your lord, and can take care of most monsters no problem.

how are your savages equipped? if they are straight up plain savage orcs with just a choppa and warpaint, then you are spending points very badly. savages should always have either a shield or a 2nd choppa, or shield & spear.

07-08-2009, 17:17
sorry for not writing that the savages have add.choppa.
Well the shaman can also fight orinary rank and file models without taking to much of a risk. Remeber that if they pass theier ld test , you roll to wound as normal. But if a hydra or stegadon shows up then my shaman can be of some use. Becauseits an unmodified ld roll. So a stegadon must roll under 6 and a hydra must roll under 6 with 2d6. If you kill it, its a very good trade off. But i am not sure..

07-08-2009, 18:01
hydra and stegadons are both things that your spear chuckas can deal with, and they are also both only fractions of what your lord costs.

remember that your lord is frenzied and on a large target, so you can't screen him with anything but a giant or certain terrain features. otherwise, he will charge 20" right over your troops into that 100 point bait unit, only to be counter charged into oblivion on the next turn.

i once thought that the savage skull wand wyvern rider would be a beast. this thread convinced me otherwise: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=198479&highlight=skull+wand

yes, i did start the thread with a bit of wrong idea, but that was quickly dispelled, so don't let one little mistake turn you off from the usefulness of the discussion

07-08-2009, 18:06
A hydra is under 200 points, your shaman is worth 500, I don't see how that is a good trade off by any means. You would have to pop 3 hydras to earn more then your points back with that model, and that is an unlikely scenario. If you encounter a particularly obsessed player, you might encounter 3 stegadons in a list, but even then, you would be better served with more tried and true methods of dealing with such things (Spear Chuckas, massed ranks of infantry, chariots charging flanks, etc...).

I would drop the shaman, buy two big units of boyz with shields (25 boyz atleast), shrink the savage orc units down, they work better hanging out on the flanks of your big units and function like empire detachments. I would give the standard beared Morks Spirit Totem and stick him in a unit of the boyz. That should give you enough magic protection, possibly even without the level shaman 2 with scroll. For his points you could probably get another savage orc big boss on a chariot. I might even ditch the Black Orcs and buy another 2 chariots. That would give you 2 bosses on chariots, 3 regular chariots, and 2 pump wagons (7 units that cause impact hits is nothing to sniff at), two big units of orcs (for static combat res), two savage orc detachments (for choppin things attacking the units of regular boyz), a giant (I have named my giant Tar-Got, he catches cannon balls so my chariots don't have to), some bolt throwers (for shootin da big stuff) and some wolves (to slow down da uvver guys stuff while yer slow stuff trudges across the field).

the Nurge
10-08-2009, 17:44
Unfortunately, savage orcs cannot wear armor. Enchanted shield is ok though.

If I were you I'd also drop 40 points somewhere and give both Savage orc units shields. This would give them an armor save AND ward save of 6 against a lot of shooting; and give them a 5+ armor save and 6+ ward save in hand to hand.

10-08-2009, 17:57
Unfortunately, savage orcs cannot wear armor.

savage orc characters can indeed wear light armor.
"a big boss may have light armor (+2 pts)" - big boss profile p. 50
"a warboss may have light armor (+3 pts)" - warboss profile p. 49

yes, the savage orc boyz and boar boyz don't wear armor, but the savage big boss and warboss have light armor as an option in their profiles. they only can't wear heavy armor, because the heavy armor line specifically says "a black orc may wear heavy armor instead (+4 pts)/(+6 pts)"

the Nurge
10-08-2009, 19:22
My mistake then. I know that RAW it works like that. I just seemed to remember that in the FAQ or some such thing they went to saying that savage orc characters could not wear armor.

I guess I've been drinking too much fungus brew... ;)