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09-01-2006, 00:55
I am wondering what the best way of fielding night runners would be. As in unit sizes and equipment, as well as battle uses. I just bought a box of 20 to add to my army but could use help deciding how to put them together. Thanks in advance :)

09-01-2006, 14:48
If you don't have much money, you could use a "cheap" way to get elites: give all 7 capes to the ones that look stronger. That will make Gutter runners, the elite troops, that cost a lot more $.

What you first need to know is the box is mostly made for Mordheim, a similar game, so they have lots of extra stuff that they can't use in Warhammer: spears, shields and other stuff.

For gaming, they are skirmishers, so big units (10+) are usually a waste, as you want them to hide in woods, behind troops, etc. Most of the time, I take 2 small units of night runners and few gutter runners. Taking too much isn't really good, so you should be ok with that box of 20.

Personally, I don't trust in their small shooting capabilities, so I give them all 2weapons, and I poison the gutter runners. But a lot of people give the night runners some slingshots and the gutter runners some poisoned stars.

Hope that helps. And please, try the Council Of Thirteen (link in my sig) for more advice if you want.

Skaven Lord Vinshqueek
09-01-2006, 21:21
With skirmishing forces and small units (as in: giant rat packs), you quickly have the ultimate flanking forces. One problem arises at this point, which is that skirmishers don't negate enemy rank bonus when they charge in the flank of that unit. As such, especially since they don't have armour of sufficient numbers to cope with battle, they are the worst choice you can take as a flanking unit and thus for combat. They're eventually not bad as in "not capable to cope with it", there are simply much better options.

So... At this point, you have a big box that can give you 20 night runners and you know have heared that 20 night runners is not a thing you're waiting for. My first solution for this is already mentioned by skavenguy13, which is to convert several of them towards gutter runners/ tunnel runners. Converting such models give you your own "mark" on such units, which is usually much cooler then a bunch of metal models (yes, I'm not a real fan of them). This idea saves quite a lot of money.
A second point, though also gets down to converting, would be to add the numbers you have left to your ranks of clanrats/ slaves. With spears, handweapons and shield they have the equipment to be fitted that way, so the possibility IS present and usable.

In gaming terms, I only use them as bait units, which basically means:
- they trigger fanatics out of night gobbo units;
- them luring frenzied troops away from my main line.

I really haven't found any real interesting way to use them otherwise. And yes, since they're kind of expendable, they indeed go completely naked (only a handweapon) into battle.


09-01-2006, 21:26
Thanks for the quick and detailed replies. I'll probably convert some and use some as inexpensive flank harassment.

09-01-2006, 23:25
skirmishers don't negate enemy rank bonus when they charge in the flank of that unit. As such, especially since they don't have armour of sufficient numbers to cope with battle, they are the worst choice you can take as a flanking unit and thus for combat.

Perhaps you should reconsider how you plan to use them, Earlandir. As Vinz said, they are kind of expandable, so their job is often:

throwing stuff at big unit.
Taking out shooters (archers, handgunners, etc.).
Taking out warmachines.
Attract fanatics and frenzy units.
Screen your main units from shooting (mostly night runners).
Fight against enemy skirmishers.
Hunt down lone mages.
If you really need it AND have 2 weapons, you can do a kamikaze attack on a wizard in a unit.
They can take out small units, especially if they flank them (like detachments).

However, as you can see, some of them include throwing, other include fighting and then some are just dying. Maybe you could proxy them before gluing weapons permanently? But those weaponless arms will probably all be used as there are few, they are safe to already glue now (there are only 4 or 5, right?).
Oh, and gutter runners always have 2 weapons, they can have extra stuff. So keep some swords for them.

10-01-2006, 00:48
Make half with 2 hand weapons & half naked.

A minimum unit of 5 naked is 25 points that you march up into the enemy's deployment. Your opponent will be forced to have 1 of his units deal with this 25 point unit. Or you will be march blocking him on turn 2.

A unit of 9 with 2 hand weapons costs 63 points. Also, very expendable. But this unit slowly travels the table edge. It's goal is a rear charge in turn 5 or take a table corner. As a rear charge it gets +2 CR plus it's 14 attacks. It can't take a unit alone, but will destroy as a supporting unit. And, with 9 in the unit, it takes 2 wounds before taking panic tests.

10-01-2006, 05:19
As for eshin units in my army, I normally field three units of 6 naked night runners, and I field two units of 5 poisoned tunnel runners. It is 260 points well spent.

10-01-2006, 09:07
Being as I am not a big Tunnler Night runner user I bought the mordheim gang set a while back and converted all those guys into 10 gutter runners or 10 night runners... i never take more then 10 night runners or small units of gutters... either way you have ten dudes that can be either or they look badass ill post em sometime along with my converted rat ogres i just did...

Anyhow yea as far as the night runners go being you have 20 of em ... Two units of 10 with two hand weapons each works very well at going ahead to the flanks behind the lines and harrassing those war machines or enemy wizards... seriously an awsome defense against skink scouts and skerms.. just other night i kid you not i had ten night runners kill 6 saurus calvary cause i hit then from the side and killed two... made em run was beautiful killed the general also.. he was not very happy.

i say Use your night runners to your liking and see what works and what doesnt.

11-01-2006, 12:01
Like everyone has already said on here split the unit for gutter and night runners. I personally use 2 units of 7 tooled up tunneling gutter runners which are distinguished by their capes. I used 8 of the night runners for the box for this and 4 metal gutter runners with the old assassin models as black skaven.

The other 12 models from the box are set up with minimum equipment as night runners should be.

As people have said here use them in small units as march blockers, wizard pisser-offers and rear charge supporters.